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        Rant darn...my my kokam li-poly battery does not fit in my li-poly charger

#1 kahuna_socom Aug 22, 2004 07:54 AM

darn...my my kokam li-poly battery does not fit in my li-poly charger
i went to my local hobby shop and picked up a gws e-starter,i knew wat i had to get but after i got home and opened my new kokam li-poly battery and li-poly charger i was very displeased about finding that it doesnt fit... :confused: the 2-cell kokam battery's connector is huge and weird shaped compared to my charger.....PLEASE<PLEASE HELP ME!!!

#2 Andy W Aug 22, 2004 07:56 AM

You need an adapter, or to change the connector on the charger.

#3 kahuna_socom Aug 22, 2004 07:59 AM

my charger came with an adaptor but that doesnt fit either...wat kind of adaptor would u sugest?

#4 rickyblaze Aug 22, 2004 08:37 AM

Deans ultra http://www.unipros.com/cbpsite/produ...sion_id=110931

#5 SharksTooth Aug 22, 2004 04:42 PM

There are a myriad of connectors you can use, but like Ricky above, I would suggest a Deans Ultra. Alot of guys use these. They are good up to about 40 amps, and you can standardize all of your connectors so they match. I would suggest cutting off the connectors and replacing them with the deans.

A few words of catiion first though...

Be very careful not to touch the battery ground and hot wire together. Shorting a Li-Po can cause damage and/or a fire. The best thing to do is to cut the hot wire off first and them cover it with something like heat shrink or electrical tape. Next, cut the ground lead off, and then go ahead and solder it to the connector. After than you can undo the covering from the hot lead and solder it on. Be sure to slide heat shrink over the wires before soldering! hehe :)

Always! ALWAYS use a ***female*** plug for the battery, and a male lead for the ESC and charger. This is a safety issue. If you have male plugs sticking out of a battey it can easily be shorted.

I noticed you said "E-Starter Kit" so I wanted to make sure I covered all of the bases here in case you are new. If you need any further help, please ask. If you have not read up on Li-Po use please be sure to read the sticky at the top of the battery forum on how to handle Li-Po's. If you are brand new to R/C aircraft you may want to get you a NiCd or NiMh to start out with as Li-Po's can catch fire in hard crashes and are not recomended for the early beginner.

Hope this helps you. :)

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