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#1 Jar'sbuddy Jan 31, 2002 09:21 PM

Need a source for hi start tubing
I remember years ago, you could get a 'launch pail', but lately I haven't seen the advertisements. Who sells this stuff??? thankx

#2 Skid Jan 31, 2002 10:13 PM

Hi Start tubing
The best place that I know of to get quality highstart material is Holliday Designs. They have very good quality and great customer service. I have one of their tubings and love it. The web address is www.hollyday.com . Hope this helped some.

Lee Skidmore

#3 John McCloskey Feb 01, 2002 05:53 AM

Hi - Start Tubing
Go to www.superskegs.com
go to the links page and material suppliers section . there are 2-3 vendors listed . All the best ,

#4 Eric Metzler Feb 01, 2002 12:11 PM

Need source for hi-start rubber tubing?

In our search option put in the letters: HIS

Check it out!

Eric Metzler
Hobby Lobby
Sales Manager

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