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        Survey- New Micro Brushless motor

#1 fill Jan 31, 2002 11:50 AM

Survey- New Micro Brushless motor
I know many of the major manufactures read this board, so that is why I’m starting this tread, hopefully to get their attention on the product we desire in this hobby. It seems as though GWS has sold over a million of their hot little motors and if not there yet, at the rate the Pico Sticks and Tiger Moths are selling, it won’t be long. So we ask why are these motors selling like hotcakes? Well because it is a great little motor that can perform well, but also because all of us hobbyist have a little Tim Allen in us, and tend to cook the motors trying to get “MORE POWER --- ARH ARH ARH”. We all know that GWS rates the motors at 6 cells or less, but who really does that? Guess we really don’t mind a little mishap from time to time. So what point are you getting at? Well hold on, I’m getting there. Lets say if one of the major manufactures were able to produce a small brushless motor that performed like the GWS motor or better. We all know about the Astro 010, which in a very small package is able to way out produce its cousin motor the Speed 280, or even perform similar to its way larger brother the Speed 400 at way less current. And with out brushes to burn out, this becomes the IDEAL motor. But do to the growing demand on park fliers, Electronics and motors have gotten smaller. We all want the perfect little plane we can fly right out side our front porch, or in a small park, and that is why I believe the Speed 280 is being replaced with the smaller GWS 180. So here is my question, lets say a brushless motor about the size of the GWS 180 or smaller came to the market, and was able to perform as well or better than the GWS 180, how many of us would like to purchase one? I’m sure if we can get manufactures attention if we were to show enough support the product. So I’m asking everyone who might want to see this as a future product to vote, a simple reply saying “Yea I would take one” or “Put me on the list” or how ever you would like to speak your mind.

I believe if we were able to get over a thousand replies, that we could get the attention of someone out there. So cast your vote and tell others to at least read what I have to say.

Thanks to everyone who participates

#2 Spaulding Jan 31, 2002 11:55 AM

Count me in. We at least need more competition to get the brushless prices down. High price is the biggest factor in why people have not gone the brushless route

#3 Gordon Johnson Jan 31, 2002 12:02 PM

I'd buy one. But, remember that the Astro is made just for us, hence is expensive. The can motors we love to overcook are generally made for other purposes so we benefit from the production volumes. I recently bought a large brushless system from Tom at MaxCim. He told me that there are NO brushless motors out there for other purposes suitable for our hobby because they don't have the appropriate wind for what we need (BTW, Tom designs motors for aerospace applications for a living, so I believe him when he says this). This means any small brushless motor will likely be made for our specific purpose and will in all likelihood not be cheap. I'd expect a brushless smaller than the Astro to cost about in the range of the Astro (but less if GWS does it).

Still, I'd definitely buy one, or more.

#4 fill Jan 31, 2002 12:10 PM

To every one, I didn't mention the motor would be cheap.

But maybe about the price you have invested in all off your fried brushed motors.

Being Brushless, the motor can handle what we want much better and last much longer, but at a price.


#5 Ralph B Jan 31, 2002 12:14 PM

Based on how the Astro 010 flies my 35" span micro sailplane, (16 minutes in dead air on 280 Mah NiMh), I would buy anything smaller as soon as it became available. Cost would not be a problem. It's worth the money for brushless performance.

Ralph B

#6 aussie slowman Jan 31, 2002 01:06 PM

one word repeated many times
"Brushless.. brushless..brushless..brushless.........."

#7 Bleriot Jan 31, 2002 01:18 PM


Originally posted by aussie slowman
one word repeated many times
"Brushless.. brushless..brushless..brushless.........."

Hi!!! get yer bibs on as drooling time is here!!! www.smoovy.com www.xtreme-energy.com Best Regards

#8 fill Jan 31, 2002 01:32 PM


Thanks for the links,

I took the Xtreme toor, that is some kool stuff, with Slotless brushless motors and hyper-efficient motors.

By the looks of the turnout on this thread, we might not have microbrushless motors for RC, but we will have Slotless motors in our homes and everyday use.


#9 Gordon Johnson Jan 31, 2002 01:38 PM

I agree with Ralph. I just didn't want people to think they were going to buy cheap brushless -- an oxymoron. I would buy one the instant it became available. Maybe we should be lobbying Astro Bob directly. He has the know-how and it should just be a matter of adapting it to a smaller motor.

The order of my motor preference goes brushless, coreless, ferrite can -- with maybe some others in between. That explains why I have so many M20, N20, KP-00 can motors.

Ralph, I'm about a quick on-line ordering away from an Astro 010. I'll probably break down after I find that it is nothing compared to even a day at Disney World with my kids in a couple of weeks.:p

#10 Flicker Jan 31, 2002 01:44 PM

I'll take a few :-)

#11 Steve McBride Jan 31, 2002 01:54 PM

I've checked all those and more - you can get a brushless motor suitable for R/C flight from one of the 'other guys', but typically they cost more than 200 for the motor alone in the small size.

Good luck!


#12 BEC Jan 31, 2002 01:57 PM

I'd love to have a brushless TM or other similar size/weight plane. With a suitable motor and the soon-to-be-available 10A controller from Castle Creations it would be light enough. Heck, if there were such a motor maybe we could get Pat to shrink it even further......

#13 Ralph B Jan 31, 2002 01:58 PM

I can tell you that it only seems expensive untill you fly it. After that it seems cheap at twice the price. You should see the 20" (full size) Guided Mite on the 010. Now that I have been to the big city, they will never be able to keep me down on the farm!


#14 scmodchips1 Jan 31, 2002 01:58 PM

If anyone is interested, I have bought little brushless motors from Micromo in the past at my day job. We use them in our compact medical equipment that we develop because of their very small size. Take a look at the following link, and see if it sparks an interest:


Regards - Steve

#15 Bleriot Jan 31, 2002 02:07 PM

Sigh........................................ Best Regards

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