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        New Sparrow Hawk DLG web site

#1 Ralph Gustafson Aug 08, 2004 04:11 AM

New Sparrow Hawk DLG web site
Have a buddy who is designing a new DLG. Its centered around a curved
poly wing. Kinda reminds me of my old Hobie Hawk wing. I have been flying
the prototype wing on my SuperGee and it launches high and flies well. He
has molded a kevlar pod which fits the Walba booms. Pod and boom pictures
will be posted soon to his site. He is shooting for an all up flying weight
of 9oz. Take a look at his web site and send him your comments. Van is
planning on being at the Visalia Fall Soaring Fest. Anyway see the wings at
his website.


Ralph Gustafson

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