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        Gear Pulller for GWS and other small drives is available

#1 Bleriot Jan 20, 2002 01:11 AM

Gear Pulller for GWS and other small drives is available
From Cloud 9 RC www.jwc9@mindspring.com. Ya gotta email him, not listed.... Made in Cal by Mr Notti, super tough to deal with very tight press fit of IPS gears. Will payback investment by not damaging motor/gear/ or YOU!! Only $15 and the buck stays here! Regards

#2 RCFlybry Jan 20, 2002 02:10 AM

Definitely a good thing to have!!
Hey Bleriot,
With all the talk of the GWS Zero's to be released, my fire has been fueled.
My next project after my finished PT19... A P40! :D :D
You've kept me waiting long enough.
If you have the time, let me hear about the "Monkey Story"

Best of luck!


#3 aussie slowman Jan 20, 2002 03:50 AM

Pete ( oops Bleriot ) any chance of a pic or two?
this Aussie might be interested in adding to the USA economy yet again (sigh)

#4 Mighty Mik Jan 20, 2002 01:36 PM

what's the shaft size on a GWS motor? I need a 'gear' puller for pager and other small motors.

#5 Bleriot Jan 20, 2002 03:49 PM


#6 pohlmeyr Jan 20, 2002 09:13 PM

can you repost the e-mail address. that one doesn't work


#7 Bleriot Jan 20, 2002 09:26 PM

SO SORRY!:p www.rcmicroflight.com/cloud9rc is the web and jwc9@mindspring.com is the e-mail Regards

#8 GWS4CEO Apr 11, 2002 08:59 AM

Pls check GWS gear pullers information

#9 Bleriot Apr 11, 2002 11:47 AM

Hi all OOOPS here's the link www.rcmicroflight.com/cloud9rc/index.htm

#10 gnofliwr Apr 11, 2002 12:18 PM

I have one of the Notti pullers - works great. For $3 more ($18 total) you can get a second screw with a 1 mm pin for use on pager motors.

The puller is listed on the Microflight page in Bleriot's last post - it's a little over half way down the page just past the gears.

#11 Muah Apr 11, 2002 06:32 PM

when and where?????????????? :D

#12 Gene Bond Apr 11, 2002 11:27 PM

Mr Lin: Any USA Stock on this puller? Can we buy from http://www.aeromicro.com/? MSRP?

#13 GoEFlight Apr 11, 2002 11:55 PM

Hello genebond:

Please be patient. It will take a while before we can receive any shipment form GWS of the pinion pullers. Thanks.


#14 GWS4CEO Apr 12, 2002 02:33 AM

GWS gear pullers both Std and Micro including 3 different size of shafts for different motor shafts.

Micro is for 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0mm gear shaft dia.

Std is for 2.0, 2.3 and 3.17mm.

The street price for USA about: $12 for Std.; $10 for Micro.;)

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