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#1 voyantus Jan 07, 2002 10:52 AM

New E Plane
Based on lots of great advice here, I decided on the JKA E Plane for my first aileron plane. It flies great. Much faster than the old T52 and I love the maneuverability. Thanks again to everyone here for all of the help.


I have tried to attach a photo but apparently it's too big of a file. Not sure how to make it smaller. It's a regular jpg.

#2 mattk17 Jan 07, 2002 11:41 AM

photoshop will let you reduce resolution of jpegs using the save it to the www option. Thats what I do and it really compresses size but seems to look fine on computer screen.

#3 Mitch G Jan 07, 2002 12:50 PM

What's your setup (i.e. motor, prop, batteries)?


#4 voyantus Jan 07, 2002 01:10 PM

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I'm running a S480 with a 6X4 prop. I only have a couple of flights on it, but it seems to perform really well. The batteries so far are an 8 cell 600mah nicad and a RS NiMh 1600. I had to do a little reconfiguration on the RS model to make them fit. My AUW is right at 23 ounces.


#5 voyantus Jan 07, 2002 01:19 PM

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Here's another angle.

#6 Mitch G Jan 07, 2002 03:36 PM

Try a 5.5x4.5 prop.
I found the Master Airscrew 5.5x4.5 was a great prop for the E-plane.

I like the rounded wings. Was that something you did or is that a new wing option from JKA?


#7 Al P Jan 07, 2002 04:29 PM


Looks great ! I like how you rounded the fuse corners.


#8 voyantus Jan 07, 2002 04:38 PM

Thanks Guys. I'll try the 5.5 x 4.5 for fun. I left out the center wing section and rounded the corners myself. JK offers a new tapered wing, but I just improvised. I really like how it turned out too. It's kinda messy, but the pink foam is really versitile.

#9 voyantus Jan 07, 2002 04:40 PM

I also added a 30" x 1/8' x 1/2" basswood spar from my LHS in addition to the fiber tape that is recommended. I really didn't want to have to redo the wings. That is probably why I am slightly heavier than stock.

#10 Mitch G Jan 07, 2002 10:34 PM

Good move putting the spar in there. You would have had to add it eventually anyway.


#11 Mark Wood Jan 07, 2002 11:23 PM


Originally posted by Mitch
Good move putting the spar in there. You would have had to add it eventually anyway.
Totally concur. :)


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