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#1 J_R May 11, 2004 01:26 PM

Who should be the next AMA president?
I thought it might be interesting to see the names the members of this forum would consider as the next AMA president, and why.

I would suggest to all that the forum guidelines at the top of the forum be reviewed before posting. If we can keep it civil, it might be an intersting discussion.

#2 Hal Ray May 11, 2004 03:56 PM

I don't have any one in mind but maybe some one younger, about 55 or so. Maybe an early retiring manager from a big company, who knows how to manage a large operation and how to work with people.
Maybe the whole board should be younger,times they are achanging and new ideas on how to run things may be needed.


I see that the qualifications would rule out most. Sometimes an outsider can do a better job at the top.

#3 Viper Pilot May 11, 2004 07:12 PM


Originally Posted by J_R
. . . . .The qualifications for President:
To be eligible to discharge the duties of AMA President, a nominee must be a Leader member of the AMA and must previously have served as a member of the Executive Council or as Associate Vice President or as a Contest Board member for at least one year. . . .

Kinda limits the choices, doesn't it?

I say stay with Dave.


#4 J_R May 12, 2004 09:04 AM

Hi Viper

Actually, while at first glance, there seem to be only a few individuals that may run, there are literally hundreds that are eligible.

My personal opinion is that Dave Brown has served the AMA well. He once said that an AMA president should only run 3 times. He is currently serving his third term. As of a few days ago, he had not made up his mind whether to run again.

In my opinion, Dave has become somewhat shell shocked. His recent positions or tail touching, turbines and autonomous flight make me wonder if he has not been exposed to suits, and potential suits one too many times. The EC has taken action diametrically opposed to his on the first two items and may on the third. We are members of a hobby that involves risk. If we eliminate all risk, we have no hobby. I think Dave has allowed himself to “what if” risk’s to the point where his future effectiveness is in question. He has always likened himself to the rudder of a small boat, where his job is to keep the boat moving in the direction the other members of the EC are rowing. Clearly, in recent months, he has been trying to steer the boat in the opposite direction. Only time will tell if his concerns will show him to be a visionary, or just overly concerned with risk.

Just my opinion.

#5 Viper Pilot May 12, 2004 09:32 AM


Originally Posted by J_R
. . . . . He once said that an AMA president should only run 3 times. He is currently serving his third term. . . . .

Then, IMHO, he should "gracefully" bow out.

I am fully aware of the recent controversies, but doesn't that apply to all people in power?? He has done a very good job, even though some have become truly "outraged" at his actions.

I can only wish him the best with whatever decision he makes.


#6 J_R May 12, 2004 10:34 AM

Even if DB were not to run, or lose if he does run, I think we can expect to see him around for a long time to come. Just as the previous president, Don Lowe, is now chairman of the safety committee, I would expect to see Dave Brown doing something for the good of the organization. For instance, he is an expert on FAI and could well be used to represent us there.

#7 Viper Pilot May 19, 2004 10:29 AM

What are D. Matthewson's credentials, and why should he be Prez???

#8 the-plumber May 24, 2004 07:14 PM


Originally Posted by Viper Pilot
What are D. Matthewson's credentials, and why should he be Prez???

I'm in District V. 'nuff about _that_.

OTOH, I've had a number of "e-discussions" with Dave, and found him to be not only knowledgeable regarding most if not all of the various movements within AMA, from r/c power to the geezer events, I've also found him to be more than receptive to new ideas and fully responsive to questions and suggestions.

I certainly won't claim credit for it, but I asked Dave a couple of pointed questions about the "Experimental Class" rules and those rules have been revised so they now make sense.

For example, the original battery capacity requirements had a major oops! wherein the stipulated minimum battery capacity for experimental class models was 1200 mAh, but if the model had more than 12 servos then the minimum stipulated battery capacity was >800 mAh<. That was bassackwards, and within just a few months that section of the rules got fixed. Dunno who did it, but methinks Dave had a hand in the fixing thereof. Now the rules call for a minumum of 1200 mAh, and if there are 12 or more servos the minimum capacity is 2000 mAh. There were a number of other serious holes in the rules, and IIRC they all got fixed.

I still think it remarkable that Dave took the time to respond to queries from someone not in his district, and on a couple of occaisions he even solicited my input.

From my perspective down heah, AMA could do worse than have Dave as President.

I didn't know he was considering running for the office, BTW.

I think Frank Tiano would be a good leader. If nothing else, I think we'd see far fewer nonsense rules coming out of the Executive Council - things like going after CDs, etc. Frank might have a rough time of coming up to speed on the way things have to be done at the top of a non-profit organization, but I've dealt with Frank for a number of years and he's certainly no dummy when it comes to promoting model aviation.


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