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#1 silverwing Mar 26, 2004 05:06 PM

Great Planes U Can Do 3D
Any 46 size u cans out there ? How do they fly? I have an OS fx 46 (new) will it be enough power?
Is there any thing bad about this plane or things that need to be changed while building? I need all the help I can get!
Many thanks guys

#2 airgaselecfoam Mar 27, 2004 11:59 PM

I have a .60, and although I dont know much about the .46, I do know quite a bit about the .60. I have an OS .91 FX on mine, but the guys who have the .61's have to hover at high power and have not bad vertical capability, but not near unlimited either. The .61 on the .60 and the .46 on the .46 sound like pretty close power matchups, so I think you can expect similar results. As a note, my friends' U Can Do's fly very well with the .61's and are GREAT fun. you just dont get the extra power for unlimited vertical or getting out of tight spots as you would with a .52 or .61.


#3 Wingbreaker Mar 28, 2004 08:23 PM

I have a .46 UCD3D and i love it. I am running an OS 50 sx on it. I finally got around to putting on the extreme control throws today. I did my first flat spin ever with it today!

Anyway, this plane is easy to hover, so easy it makes you feel like a pro. With high rates everything is possible. It basically has no stalling characteristics at all. If you stall it, you are not moving at all. Like AirGas says, you will get vertical but not unlimited with the smaller motor. My buddy has the .60 size UCD3D with an os .91 and that thing just goes like a bat out of hell. Mine with the .50sx only goes about like 3/4 the speed of his but gives out at a certain height. The book recommends the .50 and the 4-strokes over the 46fx. I believe them.

The landing gear mounting area is very weak, so I suggest you beef it up down there. I pancaked it about 3 times already, but I have it reinforced pretty well now. You also have to watch your speed or you will rip the wings off. It is not meant for high speeds. Keep level flight throttle down.

I have video of a flight on low control throw rates on my website, but it will be down until Thursday because I reached my bandwidth limit. I will post it on here when it is up.

This plane is worth every penny. You just need to reinforce that gear! I also suggest using a 4-stroke. I wish I got one for it. The 50 is cool, but more torque would be better.

If you have any questions let me know, I will be happy to answer. UCDs are fun!


#4 silverwing Mar 29, 2004 07:22 AM

Thanks for the info WB & Airgas.
One of the local club that he had heard of the LG weekness.

How did you beef it up with out adding to much weight?
Again thanks for the help.

#5 Wingbreaker Mar 29, 2004 11:03 AM

By adding weight!:p Lots of 2 ton epoxy and balsa plywood! I had some hard landings yesterday and it is still going strong. Hopefully I conquered the pancake syndrome.

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