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#1 aeronutz Dec 16, 2001 10:53 AM

Sceince for kids, sub 1 oz R/C planes
Take a look at E Pilots sub 1 oz model.
If you went to school and your teacher showed you that and said, right, now we are going to design and make one of these and also fly it, what would you say?

All of the parts are cheap to buy. Its very educational: art, maths, materials science, electrics, structures, aerodynamics and at the end they could fly them in the school gym.
Draw the parts on CAD, write a spread sheet to track the costs and calculate wing loading?

I have found the best way to learn something is to do so actively, it all makes much more sense and has a purpose about it.

#2 aeronutz Dec 17, 2001 01:15 PM

Skilled kids
Yes, I agree.
It is noticable that the average age of aeromodllers seems to be getting older, I assume aeromodelling will become extinct one day.
Except in Leicester of course.
sometimes I think I am talking to myself!
So do I

#3 epilot Dec 17, 2001 02:09 PM

I used to teach evening class in modelling. Almost all the kids wanted to assemble R/C cars and since they all seemed to have the money for it I let them. Only one kid wanted to build a plane and he was already flying R/C.

Hell bent on teaching some basic aerodynamics I bought AMA Dart kits for all of them and had them build the kits. We then had an "all up, lat down" competition and I actually think they enjoyed the challenge. For Christmas I brought a bunch of 1cm thick sheets of styrofoam and told them to build "something that could fly". A price was awarded for best flight. Big success.

However I think that the reason they found it fun was that they would get a finished result in just one evening - no one cold be persuaded to make something that might take a whole winter.

Practical engineering skill are fast disappering from modern schools and the question is; do we really need them? I think we do, but that is just my opinion.

I don't think aeromodellers will become extinct but consumerism will probably make the hobby more of a "buy and throw away" affair.

To Mark: Have a nice Xmas, both of you! :)


#4 aeronutz Dec 17, 2001 04:23 PM

Skills teacher
Well done that man!
Who else? I should have known a decent chap like you would be out there batting for aeromodelling, well done
Trouble starts when they get better at it than you!!
I tought Dr Chris everything he knows (!!!)

Merry Christams to everyone from both of me


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