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        the fearenstein GWS motor is no more!!

#1 aussie slowman Dec 08, 2001 03:59 PM

the fearenstein GWS motor is no more!!
early morning I hit the skies -- a little windy but ok.well the new batteries were doing sooooo well 35 mins into the flight and at about 300' high the wind picked up a little again not bad controllable but I was working the little bird to keep it on track -- then I tried a quick 180 to orientate myself better into the headwind-- GOOD MOVE JOYCE!!!-- the rear wing mount couldnt take the strain-- SNAP!!! I saw one wing go flutter flutter flutter before it ripped itself off the crippled bugger,the remaining wing did a credible job of auditioning for a javelin job at the next Olympics and guided therest of the plane straight down like an arrow!! 300' to zero in about 5 seconds so intent on pulling up during a VNE (velocity never exceeded) manouveur I actually pulled the stabaliser off the fuse-Note (says to himself ) A Litestik cannot employ full up elevator at a pure vertical at 30 mph
Well nows the chance to build that VEE-Tail beauty I always wanted to:D

#2 mrebman Dec 08, 2001 04:14 PM

I have broken so many Bamboo skewer sticks in minor (& Major Crashes) that I just went ahead & bought a Pack of them at Walmart. All they had was a Pack of 100! I sure hope I don't break that many!:D
I still love my Litestick! I got a Deal from Tower, Bought 2 Litesticks for $48 Including Shipping! I did steal the DX-A Motor out of one of the kits but it's nice to know I have a Backup plane in case mine does what the Aussie Man's did!:p

P.S. - I fly over a Yard that contains (2) Large Dogs, the Dogs have expressed their desire to me that they will eat my Litestick WHOLE if it goes into their Perimeter!:p

#3 aussie slowman Dec 08, 2001 04:34 PM

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Mrebman Funnily enough it wasnt the bamboo that let go but the mount actually snapped---- Told you it was windy!:D
What actually amazed me more than anything was the absolute spear properites this displayed on the way down -- we are talking straight vertical!! I have got back up bits as well -- but the saddest part was that this was my highly modded original DX-A-- the motor survived really well the gear box is in 13 YES 13 pieces!! An awesome display of shatteration!! I did not even bend one of my cooling fins:D
I take my big vicious Rottweiller to the park with me when I fly and she has expressed a distinct "sookyness" if you even think about buzzing her (shes also afraid of day old chickens:rolleyes: )
I do have back up motor units but have never fried a motor so I dont have a spare gearbox for it Dammit!!
This little modded fella now has over 55 hours on it and was pulling like a train when the mount said enough-- Is this a GWS record??

#4 aussie slowman Dec 09, 2001 06:19 AM

Its still breathing!!!:D
THE BELLS THE BELLS!!! The V-Tail is now complete!! I now have carbon fibre spars -- alloy mounts -C/F pushrods - a braced V-tail set up-- flush mount wing cover to hide the gap between wings -- (DO THIS!!! heaps more lift!!) Am looking at the Horejsi 7.8:1 three bladed speed 300 ---its shaking in the corner:D
And getting the heat gun out to remove some of the wing washout-- THE BELLS are getting louder!!!
With all the fun of the newer GWS models its still fun to mod the litestick into the beast it never dreamed it could be:D

#5 Bleriot Dec 09, 2001 10:17 AM

Hui Aussie Slowman. Sorry to hear of the motors demise. I suggest you bronze it and hang it up somewhere! Will we see a picture of the latest antipode electric flying device anytime soon?Cheers to ya Best Regards

#6 DBCherry Dec 09, 2001 12:42 PM


That motor looks more like something Dr. Frankenstein came up with! :p

And you say IT survived? (Bleriot's so used to fryin' 'em, he figured you did too! ;) )

Seriously though. What the hades are the copper coils on that thing? And are those homemade cooling fins? :confused:



#7 aussie slowman Dec 09, 2001 01:21 PM

G'Day guys

Bleriot-- will definately get some piccies up in the next day or so-- I might just send you the motor --- so you can say you owned a GWS that lasted longer than a snowflake in the carribean:D

DB -- the copper coils are an exercise in cooling as well-- they are pure copper and are sodered direct to the wiper lugs -- my theory was that the more heat I could get away from the wipers and comm. the better-- It seems to work I just cant kill the bugger- I have failed Bleriot Fly n fy 101:(
The fins are from a modded bourbon can lol and they work a treat too:D

#8 DBCherry Dec 09, 2001 03:19 PM


I figured the coils MUST be cooling related somehow! Either that or you were constructing a static fiekd generator. :p

Bleriot fly 'n fry 101: must of us can only aspire to his greatness! I will continue to follow in his footsteps in the hope of equaling him. :D

Onward and upward gentlmen!!


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