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        How did you re-inforce your GWS Corsair wing?

#1 Flybyguy Feb 14, 2004 02:20 AM

How did you re-inforce your GWS Corsair wing?
I am going to be putting a Himax 2025-5300 in my Corsair, and originally I thought the groove on the underside of the wing was for a spar, but on closer inspection I think that it probably isn't.

How do you re-inforce your wing? With the speeds that this plane will be going, I am scared that any maneuver I put her in will fold the wing if it is not re-inforced.



#2 dr.E Feb 14, 2004 09:13 AM

The groove is for the aileron servo wires (if you were mounting them on the wing) I just put a bamboo stick there as a spar.

#3 TooTall Feb 14, 2004 09:48 AM

I have flown mine with a razor2500a and a MPJet 25/35 without any wing reinforcement ....no problems with the wing.....

#4 MAKODS Feb 14, 2004 08:50 PM

Same here, razor 2500 and no reinforcement.
Infact I have had a few crashes and the wing always comes out unbroken!

#5 xmech Feb 14, 2004 10:40 PM

Yep, no reinforcement required.Razor 400 on GWS 350C gearbox, Thunderpower 2s 2100. Went straight in once, no damage to wing.Actually no damage at all.

#6 Flybyguy Feb 15, 2004 12:29 AM

Thanks guys,

But it's not wether or not the wing will survive a crash into the ground, but will it survive very high-speed maneuvers, such as a high speed dive and then going to level or even climbing, or any high-stress maneuver.



#7 echoplanar Feb 15, 2004 02:08 AM

I had a Mega 5 turn in mine with the wing stock. I yanked the plane around pretty good and didn't have a problem. Well, the plane did have a problem when I dunked it into the earth.:rolleyes:


#8 bernoo Feb 15, 2004 02:13 AM

Has anyone put 2 servos in the wing of the Corsair for the alerions and if so do you have a plan?



#9 BroncoXLT Feb 15, 2004 11:54 AM

I really wanted to put something in that groove, too. I made a template of the shape of the wing along the groove, then traced it to a 2x4 scrap, then cut the shape line with a ban saw. This gave me a form to clamp up a three piece laminate of maple the thickness of the groove. I made it 1/4" wide and carefully forced it in the groove with epoxy. The laminate was quite strong, and not very heavy, but form the other posts, might have been overkill.

#10 ddoucette Feb 15, 2004 03:57 PM

No reinforcement needed

Ya won't need it. I had mine setup with a Mega 16/7/7 motor and it was about as fast and as powerful as it gets. Heavy too at over 20oz.

Check out this video of mine without a spar (right-click and save-as...) and if you still think your's will need one afterwards, then I'd suggest putting it in where the servo cables go and either put your cables on top of the spar or simply tape them flat to the wing and paint over the tape.


#11 Darren Hintze Feb 15, 2004 06:17 PM

I reinforced mine with CF rod.

I cut one the length of the first bend (which ends right at the wheel joint). I was able to press the CF rod in and form it to the proper shape. I held it while the 90second epoxy dried.

I then put two smaller cf sections out to the end of the groove.


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