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#1 F900 Dec 06, 2001 12:29 PM

F-14 Scale EDF Whos kit is it ???
I dont know if this F-14 has been shown before, but if you download the Video you will see a guy fly an impressive electric ducted fan F-14 Tomcat with Retracts and swing wings.


Anyone know the details regarding whos kit is it, how many cells do you think it would need and where can i get one.

#2 MichaK Dec 06, 2001 12:42 PM

This is no kit.

We had a thread concerning this very aicraft some weeks ago, maybe you try with the search function?

#3 dorysch1 Dec 06, 2001 02:50 PM

That thing is packing some good thrust to take off like that

#4 Jensst Dec 06, 2001 03:08 PM

in case you don't find the thread, it's dirk juras' F14 (http://www.rconline.net/magazin-2000...nau-2000.shtml) 2x Ultra 930/6, 30 cells.

#5 JasonJ Dec 06, 2001 04:34 PM

Man, those Germans are some jet building fools huh? That Tomcat rocks!

#6 Vincent Dec 06, 2001 06:07 PM

Im not sure if this is the one you guys are talking about but there is a F-14 Tomcat kit on Ebay. Fiber glass and epoxy fuse. Im not sure if it has ended yet, I saw it a few days ago.


#7 dorysch1 Dec 07, 2001 08:26 AM

I'd have to sell my hotrod to be able to afford the power system for that:eek:

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