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#1 Conehead Feb 10, 2013 11:13 PM

I have been surfing the web and looked at all the new planes coming out for all the manufactures.

The area that has caught my eye the most is the "copters". Tri, Quad, Penta, and all the different copters that are now coming to market. It seems to me this is the next big or it has become the next big thing.

I read Sleepy's blog or the pod cast and he has started to collect quad copters. More and more people are trying them out and being successful. To me this has great posibilities.

Since I know nothing about them, I am in awe of those who are flying them and know a whole bunch about the. I have seen many different videos and what they can do with them are impressive.

So it looks like, at least to me, another great opening for the sport of RC flying and to see this happening is amazing. Technology has really made this hobby a ton of fun.
Orrin Eldred

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