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#1 tigreflyer Feb 04, 2013 07:54 PM

Carbon Fiber
Has anyone used carbon fiber in building CL planes?

#2 bogusbob1 Feb 04, 2013 09:24 PM

In what ways are you refering? I've used matt, rods ,tubes flats. depending on whats needed where.

#3 slipstick Feb 05, 2013 07:12 AM

Yep, many of us have, in many various ways. Carbon tows are good for reinforcing all sorts of stuff. Rods and tubes are useful for other things including control rods.

Anything particular you were thinking of ?


#4 aspeed Feb 05, 2013 08:29 AM

F2D combat planes are using carbon fibre trailing edge. Then kevlar cord (I think) is wrapped around the rib and over the leading and trailing edge. I think the wood trailing edge is a little better in a crash and maybe a bit lighter, but that is what is used now. They are pretty tough still.

#5 pmackenzie Feb 05, 2013 10:44 AM

Two time F2D world champ Trifonov had planes in Spain 7 years ago that had extensive use of carbon, including a full carbon/kevlar D box and carbon centre rib. "Good for boxing" he told me:).
Last year in Bulgaria he had switched to EPP leading edges.

Kaz Minato from Japan made a full carbon stunt model.

F2C team race models also make extensive use of moulded carbon fuselage shells. Not sure about the wing structure.

Every glow powered stunt model I made used CF instead of plywood nose doublers, and CF/glass/balsa composite motor mounts instead of maple.

So the answer to your question is "yes":)

#6 tigreflyer Feb 05, 2013 07:00 PM

My ignorance! I had no idea carbon fiber was ubiquitous in CL. Although my best flying developed in 1985, I was using the technology and skills I gained from flying with The Skyburners Model Airplane Club, outside of Los Angeles in 1975. In '76 I moved to N. Ca, and became a better flyer with no new technology. For instance, my single boomer Nemesis is built to '75 AMA rules.
We all soon learned that lightness = high performance. How best would carbon fiber be used to reinforce a single boom Nemesis to run at 140 MPH for gallons? My current plane weighs just over 8 Oz and the ST G21 Combat Special weighs 9 Oz. The plane is built from weight graded balsa, Coverite, CA glue and no carbon fiber. These planes would fly 125 MPH (with out a streamer) for gallons. BUT! The coverite seperates from the balsa around the fuel cell access hole - (at 125 MPH, the fuel line pounds that area). Many FC planes don't last 10 seconds. Mine are designed to last beaucoup gallons/flights. Where would you add carbon fiber to reinforce this proven design and how would you reinforce around the fuel cell access hole to keep Coverite from lifting there?

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