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#1 Kawi Feb 04, 2013 01:51 PM

So my micro-heli sent me to the hospital.
Not sure if this is the right place for this, but I thought I'd share my encounter yesterday. Here's a little reminder of just how potentially hazardous these little helis can be, in this case, the smallest such heli out there, the Nano cpx.
I was about to leave work yesterday around 6 when I decided I would take the nano out to this back room I use to fly it in. I had repaired a swashplate and I just wanted a quick flight to see if the fix worked. So I'm flying it around the room in a circle, I've got it in idle-up but i'm not doing any 3d, just this circle pattern. I'm in the center of the room and I usually spin around with it as it goes around the room, but that makes me a bit dizzy so I decided to stop spinning and instead, when it goes to fly behind me I will let it and just turn my head really quick the other way and catch it as it comes around. It goes around me, I turn my head to see it come around and SNAP! hits me right in eye, never even seen it. This is a big room and it was far, how it came at me directly so fast I can't believe. I instantly fall to the ground on my knees my head on the floor holding my eye, the pain, just incredible, sharp stinging and at the same time deep and pounding in my skull, I can't open it, I try instantly to see out of it, hoping I haven't lost it, but I can't see a thing, writhing in unspeakable pain, my immediate thought is "that's it, the eye is gone, I've lost it" at that moment there was no doubt in my mind that I had done the most severe damage. As I'm on the ground I'm overcome with this feeling to vomit, I'm not a queezy guy, I've only thrown up a few times ever, mostly flus or drinking, but now I want to puke like crazy. After what seemed like an eternity, I hear the little heli buzzing, so I reach over to the dx8 (which incidentally I never dropped) and shut it down. How a ten dollar motor suddenly made its way up my priority list is beyond me.

I make my way home and show my wife, she gets a light and says "uhh, we have to go to the hospital" I'm thinking oh great. Meanwhile I can't see out of it. All I see is blurry light. I make my way to a mirror and can see all the white is all red and bleeding, there is blood on my face, a cut on my nose, and looking into the center of my eye, not the dark little center but the bigger circle all around it, it looks like it's half filled with blood, like as if it was a tire that filled with water up to the middle. We get to the hospital, a grueling hour drive, all the while I keep trying to not throw up still. I get into emergency and look at the waiting room, it's pretty full, so I know I'm in for a long night waiting to be seen. The triage nurse looks at me right away to start the process, as I'm sitting at her desk, the need to vomit overcomes me, I ask for a pail and she hands me this vomit bag, I start puking like crazy! She looks at me and says, what's wrong?, thinking I have a flu or something, I say I got hit in the eye with a little helicopter and show her. She picks up a phone, says something to somebody, 5 minutes later I'm in an examining room with nurses and doctors looking at me. Never even spent one minute in the waiting room. Meanwhile I'm trembling now and nauseous. I'm shaking and cold. Crazy, all from the eye. The doctor looks at my eye through this machine and then tells me I've cut and gashed it in a few places, the center part being one of them, (I forget the eye terminology) she sees leaking and is concerned about "pressure". They make me stand and do an eye test. My good eye first. I read all the letters. 20/20. now the bad eye. "what do you see? shes obviously pointing at the paper. I'm like, I can't see the paper. She says what about the very top line? I say, you don't understand, I can't see the paper, I can't even see you! I hear you but I can't see you. I see a silhouette of a bookshelf nearby, but that's it. Back to the bed and more puking. I'm like, why am I puking? The doctor says it's the pain. The eye is one of the most painful things and it's making you throw up. They call the on-call ophthalmologist and start prepping me. They've got me in a gown, intravenous in my arm, saline drip, and then they tell me I'm getting an injection for pain killer and gravol.. I say I don't want the pain killer, ( I hate taking drugs and avoid them, it's a thing:rolleyes:) but they talk me into the gravol. Apparently puking puts pressure on the eye, so I take it. I ask what's going on and they tell me I may need surgery!:eek: I'm just shaking my head at this point wondering, why didn't I just go home. Why? Why did I just have to go fly the stupid thing? I can't believe it.

The specialist shows up no more than half an hour. Takes me to a special room and they start examining me. He eventually tells me that I have some lacerations and a cut across the clear lens. He isn't seeing any more leaking and the pressure is stable. He opts to not do anything but treat it for now. He puts 4 different drops in my eye, each one feels like a mixture of hot sauce and salt, crazy crazy pain and stinging, and gives me a prescription for me to do this 4 times a day. :eek:

I'm sent home, told not to touch it, not to lift anything, not to sleep flat, not to "use" the eye, some of the drops are meant to keep me from blinking. And I have to go back tomorrow and see him. He says it will heal. He doesn't believe I will lose any vision, but he also says you can never say never: confused:

I got up this morning and it's much better though. I can see more today. It's like yesterday someone put scotch tape right over my eye, the foggy type, and all I could see was light, today it's like it's the clearer tape. I can't see letters but I can't see objects. It's like the room is full of fog though. I can see how many fingers you're holding etc, but just the shape and silhouette, yesterday I couldn't.

As I write this with one eye, I wasn't going to write this, but Ive been thinking, a lot of us fly these things pretty carelessly sometimes, and with these little micros now meant for indoors, it's so much worse, we don't give them much consideration. We fly them around kids sometimes too because they seem pretty harmless. I've been hit by the nano on my hand and it didn't cut me or anything but wow, they can sure change your life in a second. I'll be alright, (I'm just glad it wasn't the 130x) but I couldn't live with myself if I did this to one of my kids. It happens so fast you would never believe it. I thought I'd share this because if anything, hopefully my little story helps to keep this from happening to someone else or even worse to a child.

#2 Greg Head Feb 04, 2013 02:31 PM

That is crazy, glad you are all right. I have hit myself with v911 and msrx but always kind of freak out when a cp micro is coming my way. I will definitely rethink flying around my kids after this. Haven't hit them yet but have gotten close.

#3 Balr14 Feb 04, 2013 02:49 PM

I had my 450 sneak up on me like your Nano did. It hit me in the back and head. I was killed, but I'm much better now! Seriously, I was damned lucky it had foam blades. It felt like somebody just hit me with a car antenna or bull whip, but it hardly even cut me. That's about when I decided it was time to quit. Anyway, a speedy recovery to you. If you have trouble putting eye drops in just hold your lower eyelid open a little and drop them in there. Works like a champ.

#4 stringrazor Feb 04, 2013 03:00 PM

Wow, that's scary. Glad to hear the prognosis is good. It did occur to me that while my mirco is pretty harmless, I don't want those blades spinning anywhere near my eye. Maybe the pair of 0x glasses I use when sawing or drilling have one more use...

#5 Lentar Feb 04, 2013 04:12 PM

I think what you had is a "corneal laceration". Here is some information about it and what NOT to do if it happens:


Best wishes for a quick recovery.

#6 zadaw Feb 04, 2013 04:29 PM

I am sorry to hear about this. You got hit in the worst possible place. Do rest as much as possible for the next few days. It is essential that your wound heal as well as possible. Best of luck and a speedy recovery.

#7 lalelilo Feb 04, 2013 05:05 PM

Glad to know that you didn't loose your eye. I wonder if we shouldn't wear some (plastic ?) glasses and a eventually a cap when we fly a CP.
I'm just starting with micro CPs and they feel more dangerous than FPs like the V911. I avoid flying my V922 at eye level (it just makes me nervous) and flying with the cat or the kids around is strictly out of question. I wonder if someone evaluated the difference of kinetic energy between the FP and CP blade. It should be huge. Too lazy to find an approximate moment of inertia to plug in the formula at the moment.

#8 PhilMcCracken Feb 04, 2013 05:42 PM


#9 easyrider604 Feb 04, 2013 06:05 PM

Sorry to hear about your incident. Guess we can't take our "toys" for granted as they can sneak up from behind to bite us.

Glad you're on the mend and hope you're back to 100% real quick.

Thanks for sharing. I am sure us readers will have gained a lesson from your pain.

#10 dankar04 Feb 04, 2013 07:00 PM

Sorry you had to find out up close and personal about fast heli blades. Just a word of advice to any heli/ quad flyer wear eye gear. I would never fly idle up indoors in small room. Big room yes but result was not good.

#11 Arr0wHead Feb 04, 2013 07:18 PM

Remember next time the doctor asks,

it wasn't your toy helicopter that hit you. You were in a weedwacker fight. Sounds much more manly.

#12 zadaw Feb 04, 2013 09:06 PM


Originally Posted by Arr0wHead (Post 24035378)
Remember next time the doctor asks,

it wasn't your toy helicopter that hit you. You were in a weedwacker fight. Sounds much more manly.

This is a very serious matter, he could have been blinded by it. He may need surgery later on to restore his sight back to normal. There is really no minor injury to the eyeball. I remember arguing with those who thought that the thrown off blades issue of the early mCPX was not serious.

#13 Hajile Feb 04, 2013 10:13 PM

You were very lucky you didn't lose the eye. I've been hit plenty of times and they often end bloody and looking like i've been shaving myself with a potato peeler.

Seems one of the cardinal rules of heli flying 'Never take your eyes off the heli even for a second' only applies to the older helis. You shouldn't take your eyes off a micro at all.

Hope you get full recovery soon.

#14 Arr0wHead Feb 04, 2013 10:13 PM


Originally Posted by zadaw (Post 24036481)
This is a very serious matter, he could have been blinded by it. He may need surgery later on to restore his sight back to normal. There is really no minor injury to the eyeball. I remember arguing with those who thought that the thrown off blades issue of the early mCPX was not serious.

I think we all read the OP, but thanks for the re-cap.

It may be serious, but you wouldn't be embarrassed telling a doctor you hit yourself in the face with a helicopter? I dunno. Been in the ER with much worse injuries and managed to find some humor in it. Maybe that's just me. You were meant to chuckle at my comment, not sermonize.

#15 Heloo Feb 04, 2013 10:34 PM

Thanks for sharing.

Good reminder not to become complacent and let our guard down with these apparent "toys", regardless of how good someone may be flying them. Also a good warning for newbies like myself used to the much more benign V911 who are considering going on to the 3D micros and beyond.

Hope you fully recover soon!

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