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#1 lsburruss Feb 03, 2013 12:02 AM

New-B Would Like Info on "DIG"
Could someone please explain to me how to set up "dig" on a crawler?

#2 hoghead5150 Feb 03, 2013 11:47 AM

it depends on what type of crawler you have. MOA (motor on axle) or a shafty (center transmission with driveshafts going to each axle). it also makes a difference in shaftys which brand of crawler you have.

basically in a shafty, you have a "dig" unit that mounts to the back of the transmission. the driveshaft mounts to the "dig" unit. then you have a servo that attaches to the "dig" unit. in normal the dig unit locks the output of the transmission to the driveshaft so the rear axle is powered. when you engage the "dig" the servo moves a collar and disconnects the driveshaft from the dig unit. this allows only the front axle to be powered.

for an MOA rig, there are a couple different types but the dig function is electronic. people use something like the "punk dig" unit where whe you engage dig this unit cuts the power to the rear (or front) motor. a better way is to run dual esc's and dual esc mixing on your transmitter. this will allow for total control of "dig" and porportional control of the front and rear motors for overdrive/underdrive situations.

#3 slim_chance Feb 03, 2013 07:51 PM

Also dig units in a "shafty" can lock up the rear axle too if you have a 3 position dig. This allows the front tires to drag the front around pivoting at the back axle allowing a much tighter turn. Not sure how a MOA dig works. But ill b finding out since im getting one with a large parts lot im buying here soon.

#4 hoghead5150 Feb 04, 2013 06:48 AM

moa dig works a little different. it's basically an electronic dig. both ways work sorta the same, but have slight differences. if you use an electric dig unit like the punk dig and such, when you hit the dig "switch" on the transmitter you basically are just cutting power to one of the motors. you can "lock" the front or rear axle. the amount of "lock" you get depends greatly on your motor and axle setup. a better motor will "lock" harder. you are using the friction in the axle gears and the magnet holding in the motor. the way most MOA rigs axle gearing is set up, it's pretty hard to turn the tires by hand due to the gear reduction built into the axles. the best method for "dig" in a MOA rig tho is to run dual esc's. this allows you to have front and rear dig (providing that your controller has a 3 position third channel) and if your going this route your transmitter needs to have dual esc mixing capabilities. then you can go in and slow or speed up either motor so you can have porportional control.

where porportional control comes in real handy is climbs. you can slow the rear motor down so its not pushing as hard. this allows the front to stay down better as the rear axle is not trying to "run under" the truck.

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