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#1 super_dork Jan 31, 2013 01:07 PM

Need some 2730's rewound
A while back I acquired a turnigy 2730-3000 motor from a guy on here. I was told that it was one of your rewinds. I have been running it on a 10amp esc with a 8x6 prop with a up to a 1300mah 3s for a while now. Recently it has started to just tick back and forth when I give it power and won't actually spin. I haven't ever attempted rewiding and don't really want to take that on at this time. Also, I have 2 more new Hextronic 3000kv motors that I can't run on 3s with an 8" prop. I'm wondering if they could also be rewound so that they perform like this one. When I run the r&b wonder next to a 1500kv blue wonder, it has about double to power running on the same power system. I sent timocharis a PM but haven't heard back. Any chance one of you guys would be willing to rewind some of these for me? For a price of course.


#2 C₄H₁₀ Jan 31, 2013 06:02 PM


Recently it has started to just tick back and forth when I give it power and won't actually spin.
There's a bad connection between the motor and ESC. Check your solder joints and connectors. You might have to resolder them.

As for the winding, can ya wait until I get home in May? I'd be happy to do them for like $10 a pop but I don't have any of my rewinding supplies or equipment up here with me.

#3 super_dork Jan 31, 2013 06:14 PM

I'll certainly give that a shot. My thought was that I burned up the coating on the windings and shorted it. But I have no idea how these things work, so ill try the resolder.

If I can't get anyone that can rewind before may, I'll check back with you, but insure hope I find someone sonnet than that.


#4 C₄H₁₀ Jan 31, 2013 06:32 PM

It's really not that hard to do it yourself, and the motors will definitely perform a lot better than any factory-wound BW you'll find. There are numerous excellent tutorials around RCG... Give it a shot :)

#5 super_dork Jan 31, 2013 08:40 PM

Hahah, I knew someone would mention that at some point. I would love to try it some day, but we are in the process of trying to sell our house, so I'm not able to get my "workshop" (you know, a table in the garage) in full swing. So, instead of ordering new ones from HK, I was hoping to get them rewound faster. Some day I'll give it a go though.

#6 zeroback Jan 31, 2013 10:34 PM

I was propping out a new plane the specs called for a 2730 1500Kv, 3S,12A ESC, and a GWS 6X3. I installed one of my (or so I thought) 920Kv 2730's and a GWS 8X6 W/ an 8A ESC, I watched the watt meter as WOT neared and it was pulling over 14A, what a surprise! It turns out it was a 1540Kv I had forgotten I wound awhile back. It was a just a blip on the watt meter so no damage done. If I'm understanding your post your drawing 10A @11.1V= 110W. 33,300RPM W/ unspecified 8X6 . That's certainly has given that OEM wind the stress test, it's really great it has lasted as long as it did. Do you suspect that the motor overheated? High temps can lead to magnet failure,which leads a coil short, when the current exceeds what the wire can handle due to the lack of back EMF from the weak magnets. Just curios as all of my winding efforts focus on the hugest diameter prop I can swing for my foameis. In general with with the lower KV winds and good winding, 8A or 9A is about all anything I've made can handle. The higher Kv motors with less turns/ bigger wire can handle, higher amps but I don't know what the limits vs reliability are. A 3K kv would be around 10 or 11 T (according to a Manual V chart) delta if you don't push for to big of wire it would not a hard wind. The chart calculations are good but a lot of little variables means that the usually the Kv is slightly different than the calculated prediction, but if it's with in 50Kv it's good I think .

#7 super_dork Jan 31, 2013 11:54 PM

I did some detective work and I believe this is the motor that I bought. I'm almost postitive that when I bought it, the guy said it was a timocharis rewind. The body says 3000kv but I don't think that is what it is. http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1117939
I can post a picture later to see if you can help confirm I guess.

I've recently used a GWS 8x6 but generally use GWS 8x4 and 8x4.3 SF. I have been using the motor on a light EPP YAK foamy on 350-400 3s, but just started using it on a bigger EPP plane using 800-1300mah 3s batts. I'm guessing that I finally found the limit on this thing. Probably using the higher pitched prop and pulling a heavier plane with more batt may have just been too much.

#8 zeroback Feb 01, 2013 08:38 AM

Do you have any test gear...tachometer , watt meter or DVM ?
On my 1500Kv on 3S an 8X4 is perfect amp draw wise, 8X4.3 is pushing it and and an 8X6 is motor a fryer.

#9 super_dork Feb 01, 2013 08:48 AM


Originally Posted by zeroback (Post 23999880)
Do you have any test gear...tachometer , watt meter or DVM ?
On my 1500Kv on 3S an 8X4 is perfect amp draw wise, 8X4.3 is pushing it and and an 8X6 is motor a fryer.

Unfortunately, I don't have any gear to test.

So, I have 2 blue wonders that are OEM and then the R&B wonder that is a rewind. When I would fly them head to head, the R&B seems to have almost double the pull of the BW. So, I'm not sure what was done to it to make it work so well, but it's a work horse.

I recently got some 8x6 props and they look the same as the 8x4. I must have accidentially used the 8x6 on it and fried it as you suggest. That would make sense, since I've run it mostly on 8x4 for almost a year now.

Any chance you would want to rewind about 5 of these things? I've been trying to get in touch with timocharis, the guy who did it originally, but I haven't gotten a response to my PM.

#10 zeroback Feb 01, 2013 09:11 AM

I'll be happy to help if timocharis is unavailable.
I take a sharpie and run it over the raised numbers on props to high light the number so I can ID the prop easier at the field (so I don't have to put on my glasses) I hate it when I put the wrong prop on.
The Watt meter is an E-pilots best tool. They range in price from a few buck s to probably fifty. But the money they can save can be enormous. I have an Astro Flite that is going on 14 years old and is still my first go to tool when propping out a new motor/plane. The second most useful tool is the finger tip, to take temp checks on what I'm running. If the motors getting hotter then the hot water in my house (t-stat is set to 120*f) than I know I'm most likely over loading it. (Keeping in mind this is not racing gear )

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