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#1 flyeraroo Jan 30, 2013 07:07 PM

The Blade CX4
Well, here's another CX helicopter, but this one will be a little more powerful. It has a 3s battery, and runs 360 motors. Kind of small in size for them motors wouldn't ya think. I think this helicopter is about the same size as the CX2. I would rather see Eflite come out with a 400-450 sized coaxial.


edit: Oh, it also has a pretty hefty price tag! I wander if the parts are interchangeable with the CX2 as far as aluminum upgrades go?

#2 flyeraroo Jan 30, 2013 07:39 PM

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It's larger than the CX2 helicopters, so it must be in the size range of a 300. So I doubt if any parts will be interchangeable. Does this mean a whole new line of aluminum upgrades?

#3 Gregco10 Jan 30, 2013 10:32 PM

I just read the Horizon write up on this and it mentions hinged and rubber coated blades so they can withstand bladestrikes. Now correct me if I'm wrong, and I'm wrong alot, so I won't be offended, but if you mention this right on the main product page, that means blade strikes are still an issue. I have no access to a R and D team but I got my Cx2 to be blade strike free with a slightly shorter flybar and extended inner shaft, it flew better than stock. Just wondering why they couldn't tune this out. They had enough time, its been a while since the last largeish coax release. My biggest problem was the death dive after a hard maneuver, which the stock machine was subject to even before the mods. I would love to know how this thing flys to see if any real improvements were made. I do like that they went to 3s, bigger motors, and kept a real receiver in there and not incorperating it into a 4 n 1 unit or board. Those details will keep my interest in this one.

#4 Chap1012 Jan 30, 2013 10:35 PM

If you check out the specs, it's pretty darn close to the Esky BOL (Big Outdoor Lama). Rotor dia., motor size, batt size. I'd be willing to bet the motor config is the same as that of the BOL (duh). I'd love to get a look under the hood though. I wonder if the CX4 has the folding blades. It almost looks like it in the pics of what is in the package. If they are the folding blades, someone at HH must have been listening to all the beeching about the non-folding blades.

Interesting to see where this will go.:popcorn:


#5 Gregco10 Jan 30, 2013 10:42 PM

Just re-read your post Flyeraroo, they needed the bigger motors bad, the old 180s would run very hot, I went through about 3 sets before I got a pair of Aeronuts with the vents. They also increased the rotor diameter to 18 inches, the old one was a little more than 12. 360 size seems about right if its the size motor I'm thinking of, also if you look close they have gold annodized heat sinks on the new motors, to me either they added it in as a nice touch, or they still have overheating issues.

#6 flyeraroo Jan 31, 2013 06:17 AM

Yeah, I looked at the thing quick, and was thinking it was the size of a CX2, so that's why I commented about the motors. With it being around a 300 sized helicopter, the 360 motors should give it enough power. I watched the video of this thing flying and the blades do fold, the only thing is the plastic rotor heads. I know from the other CX helicopters, and also the Lama 400 helicopters plastic rotor heads do not last long. If they have the plastic blade grip pegs, I am sure they will be breaking off in crashes. As far as death dives, the coaxial helicopters are prone to them without the double swashplate setup. This is because there is no way to control the pitch of the upper rotor blades. The flybar controls the pitch, and it cannot correct itself quick enough to pull out of a banked turn at faster speeds. Or should I say it cannot stabilize itself, and thus it dives to the ground.
I guess Blade is thinking this helicopter is mainly an outdoor bird, but I just wish they would have went to a 450 size instead. They also could have went with aluminum rotor heads, and swashplate, but I'm sure they will be selling them separately as upgrades. :rolleyes:

#7 kodak_jack Jan 31, 2013 06:34 AM

Here is what was posted on the mcx2 thread:


No matter who is making what and who is suggesting what, these guys are connected to the parts/ mods guys and will only change things if it benefits both. This time they give you bigger motors and pivoting blades, but they still don't give you the durability of metal, so, you have to buy parts and mod it. The blades are going to be unique and will have to come from them. The heli is bigger and heavier, but you don't have brushless and nobody makes 360/380 better motors, so, you have to buy theirs. I haven't looked yet because this is the first I've heard or read about it, but how much are they? If they want $189 for a CX2, they must want an arm and a leg for something bigger.:( I haven't followed the BOL, so, maybe there are things that can be transferred over from knowledge gained there. Remember, guys, the Walkera 400D is a big outdoor heli and Walkera is dropping/ has already dropped it.
EDIT: I just looked at the price. Yes, that's a little bit high, but a new CX2 is around $189. The BNF version would be nicer as we don't need yet another useless transmitter sitting around. If this would take BOL mod parts and was available as BNF, it might be interesting. It would need AeroNutz motors and I don't know if they come in that size. Then again, you might want to skip the AeroNutz and go brushless if it wouldn't be that expensive. Again, I haven't followed the BOL guys, so, I have no idea what can be done in that size. Also, as with a CX2, I'm not about to lay down that much money for something I'm going to mod and throw 1/2 of it out. I guess we wait and see.

#8 Balr14 Jan 31, 2013 09:16 AM

The first new coax released in years and the best they could do is a large copy of the ESky Lama V4? Where's the flybarless, the brushless motors?

#9 Chap1012 Jan 31, 2013 09:49 AM


Originally Posted by Balr14 (Post 23989521)
The first new coax released in years and the best they could do is a large copy of the ESky Lama V4? Where's the flybarless, the brushless motors?

Amen. Hey, at least it has folding blades:rolleyes:

#10 flyeraroo Jan 31, 2013 11:01 AM

It looks as if Blade is producing alot of helicopter lately, and I wander how much thinking is going into it. It seems they put out the 450, 500, and now the 550 single rotor helicopters pretty fast. All of them not much different in size. I guess this is a jump up in size from any other coaxial that Blade has put out, but as you guys mentioned, a little more thought could have went into it.

#11 prowler101 Jan 31, 2013 01:40 PM


Originally Posted by flyeraroo (Post 23988411)
I watched the video of this thing flying and the blades do fold, the only thing is the plastic rotor heads.

Where did you find the video? I would like to see that.. could you post a link?

#12 flyeraroo Jan 31, 2013 02:17 PM


Originally Posted by prowler101 (Post 23992134)
Where did you find the video? I would like to see that.. could you post a link?


#13 erdnuckel2 Jan 31, 2013 02:46 PM

under the hood
just because chap wrote about peeking under the hood:

If you go on the bladehelis page and go through the pictures, there is actually one where they shot from top sideways and you can actually see a part of the frame and it looks EXACTLY like the BOL frame.
Overall, the size suggests that you WILL be able to use the BOL parts (until EFlite releases their own line or Xtreme redesigns the bol alu parts a little to make them different from their ESKY parts ...

#14 erdnuckel2 Jan 31, 2013 03:46 PM

got one more thing to say:

Despite everything, I really have some interest in this bird - and be it only for "investigative purpose".
And as the ones among you who stop by at my blog every once in a while may remember, I have accumulated and tried basically every aftermarket part for the BOL that was ever produced. I also DO have a Twister Helicam that is the same size and had once been offered by hobby lobby (but they dropped those from their "lineup" a VERY long time ago (neither the heli nor the parts seem to be available in the US anymore).
And, as some of you may know, the JPerkins/Twister helis are (or have been) MUCH closer related to EFlite birds than Esky EVER was!!!

So, long story longer - the result of several years of accumulating BOL parts (and blogging about it ;) ...) is that I would have literally BOXES full of stuff I could try on this heli and write about it.
What I DONT have however, is the DISPOSABLE income (I would be able to get the heli - but from money that I technically dont have)
This means, if you guys are interested enough, I would LOVE to do a big project on this bird once it get released - but I would need your help!

What I would need, is your support. Once I would have the bird and start writing about it, I would pm all of the guys on this blog on how you can help me support this project (and can only hope the community would get in on it ...)

So we will see I guess ...


Any comments or thought are welcome!

#15 erdnuckel2 Jan 31, 2013 07:21 PM

Ok, I think I can spare us all this experiment !

The CX4 will be an identical twin of what was once sold here as the Twister police helicam ... just without the camera and with a different fuse.
But by looking at my Twister totally barebone and comparing to the pictures of the CX4, I am confident I can say this with conviction.

This also means, that hardly any of the BOL parts will be compatible - the shaft will be thicker, the gears will be smaller, the swash will have no center ball, the frameposts will be different, so even the landing gears will not be a direct fit.

But now I also get why it took Blade soooo long to release that - first all the traces of the Twister (which was sold at hobby lobby once) had to be gone, to not interfere with the CX4 money making :(

Well, I know a thing or two now (and the CX4 WILL actually be of good use for me, but I also know there is no need to spend the 230bux on it ...)

E2 out

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