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#1 major.monogram Jan 30, 2013 01:00 AM

Vaterra - Horizon Hobby's new brand
Didn't see these posted here but...here they are:



Twin Hammers 1.9 Rock Racer RTR by Vaterra (1 min 40 sec)

Kemora 4WD Rallycross 1/14th RTR by Vaterra (1 min 43 sec)

Kalahari 4WD Desert Raider RTR 1/14 by Vaterra (1 min 37 sec)

2012 Nissan GTR V100-S 1/10 RTR by Vaterra (1 min 35 sec)

Glamis Uno Single Seat Buggy RTR 1/8 by Vaterra (1 min 39 sec)

1969 Chevolet Camaro RSV100-S 1/10 RTR by Vaterra (1 min 40 sec)

#2 major.monogram Jan 30, 2013 01:04 AM

I think I may be in for one of the Rock Racers....Twin Hammers. Look pretty good. Anybody have any word on pricing/release dates? The whole line looks pretty expensive. :)

edit:// Prices/Dates on their site (vaterrarc.com).

Twin Hammer 1/10 4WD Rock Racer: $399.99
Glamis Uno 1/8 2WD Buggy: $439.99
Kemora 1/14 4WD Rallycross: $289.99
Kalahari 1/14 4WD Desert Raider: $289.99

Mid February 2013....

#3 Razors edge 29 Jan 30, 2013 08:52 AM

The crawler looks good. Will be interesting to see how it compares to the wraith

#4 h.300 Jan 30, 2013 09:41 AM

very good

a great competitor Axial EXO, ou WRAITH ...

super look http://r29.imgfast.net/users/2912/63...les/594855.gif

#5 major.monogram Jan 30, 2013 02:04 PM

Yeah the crawler is the one i am most interested in but I'm afraid the 1/14's are a little closer to my budget. :)

#6 rustlererad3 Jan 30, 2013 02:53 PM

im after one of the 1/14ths i love my mini 8ight and one of those would give it a little competition me and some others have been talking are pumped for this

#7 major.monogram Jan 30, 2013 03:49 PM

I've gotta say too, I'm not an on-road guy or a fan of Nissans but that black GTR kind of looks amazing. The body looks as scale as I have seen in an RTR of any sort. This brand kind of has me excited and quite possibly reaching for my wallet.

#8 bclong211 Jan 30, 2013 03:58 PM

Twin hammer
Yeah the hammer looks pretty cool. And ditto on the scale of the whole line in general! That was the first thing that I thought was how close to a real street rod they looked. I wish there was more info out on the rtr set or arr. wonder what the tx is? Hopefully they didn't follow HPI on that one! It still leaves me asking one question.... Why can't anyone put a good body latching system together that doesn't require the ole posts and clips? It jumps right out at you after you see it on that Camaro hood for the first time.

Also would love to see some close ups of the mechanics!

#9 rustlererad3 Jan 30, 2013 04:53 PM

well theres always velcro

#10 bclong211 Jan 30, 2013 07:29 PM

Yeah but they already have those four holes in that sweet looking scale body! What a shame. You'd think that would've made the "redesign" list at some manufacturer. Maybe ill do that next week right after i finish perfecting my solar powered flashlight design.

#11 Scottmac737 Jan 30, 2013 07:30 PM

The Twin Hammers caught my eye. I'll be calling my LHS tomorrow.

#12 major.monogram Jan 30, 2013 08:28 PM

I think I'm waiting to see if they do an ARTR version of the twin hammers. It seems to be the one that people are interested in the most from what I've seen here and on rctech.

#13 Tomdomification Jan 31, 2013 05:19 AM

Hi guys, I'm usually a plane guy but I love Horizon and some of these new cars caught my eye. I'm on a budget so the Kemora looks good. However, the on road cars look good too and are the same price, even at a bigger size. They aren't brushless thought an I'm wondering about performance on non-asphalt surfaces.

Anyway, this looks like a good brand and I can't wait for the first videos and reviews.


Ps. One of the mind attractions that cars have for me, as a plane guy, is that you don't have to wait for dead-calm conditions to use them!

#14 SoloProFan Jan 31, 2013 06:10 AM


Originally Posted by Tomdomification (Post 23988173)
Ps. One of the mind attractions that cars have for me, as a plane guy, is that you don't have to wait for dead-calm conditions to use them!

I know what you mean. Also the option to drive around near your house instead of having to take a trip to a suitable airfield/strip, makes cars a low hassle passtime. But flying and boats are also cool.

#15 h.300 Jan 31, 2013 06:24 AM

can also steal car ... http://r29.imgfast.net/users/2912/63...les/361150.gif

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