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#1 karikamiya Jan 29, 2013 10:20 PM

Thrust tester
Hello, i've jury-rigged a thrust tester, but im having some trouble with the prop adapter.

Whats happening is the prop adapter uses a grub screw, but the motor doesn't have a flat part for the screw. This is an easy fix with a dremel, but what worries me is the amount of thrust it takes to pop off. When i pull it off by hand i record over 5 kg of pulling, but when it pops off rotating its only pulling .6kgs

any particular reason for this?

#2 ilektron Jan 29, 2013 10:49 PM

Vibration causing it to loosen up? You using any loctite?

#3 karikamiya Jan 30, 2013 04:00 AM

You are indeed correct, i just looked at it after i induced a pop off and it was loose.

I will be buying some tomorrow. Could i loctite the smooth shaft too or does it only work on threads?

#4 ilektron Jan 30, 2013 10:45 AM

You can loctite the smooth shaft, but I recommend against it. You may never get the prop adapter off if you do that.

#5 Test Pilot Mafia Jan 30, 2013 12:00 PM

i had to rough up my Eflight shafts, or the collet prop carriers would slowly pop off over 2-3 minutes of rotating.

#6 karikamiya Jan 30, 2013 10:07 PM

So i rerigged the tester. I was unable to stop the pop offs, so i have combined the loctite with a ground notch into the side of the shaft for it to rest on.

It is working admirably now

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