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#1 old4570 Jan 27, 2013 09:32 PM

450 Basics [ stuff you need ]
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Wow - so what do you need to fly a 450 .. Since this is posted in the beginner section of the forum , I will assume Noobness ...

First you need your heli and radio [ I will assume RTF to speed things along ] , and RTF can be had from $125 or so shipped to your door . [ Depending on where in the world you are ]

The first thing I would recommend is a Charger , iMAX B6 [ Can be had from about $19 ] , power supply [ $10 ] , maybe a Parallel charging board ? [ $9 if you want to charge more than one battery at a time ] A B6 with a built in power supply will start around $34

Batteries ? one is not enough ...

Tools = Hex drivers 1.5mm / 2mm / 2.5mm / 3mm [ you want 2 x 1.5mm ]
Pliers , standard and ball link , $5 each
Zip ties ...
Screw drivers [ phillips ]

Heli spares :

Hmmm , well , just depends on what your breaking ..

Main drive gear
Main rotor shaft
Feathering shaft [ make sure you get the right ones ]
Tail rotor shaft
Tail boom
Oh yeah - Rotor Blades ...
Servos [ I really like the TG9e from HK , cheap and good , a rare combo ]
Frame screws [ one bag should be enough ]

If you can live with one helicopter you wont need so many spares [ maybe ] , pictured is my nick nack boxes , the small stuff ..
Screws , motor mounts , feathering shafts , main shafts , tail rotor shafts , and so forth .. The more I got in , the more parts I needed , the deeper I got ..

At one time it took almost 2 months to get rotor blades out of China , local blades cost like $15 or more for a single pair , now I carry a few pair , well eeer , Im not sure ... Let me check ... Yikes :eek: , maybe more than your local hobby shop .. Thing is , I dont want to wait for spares .. Id rather get to one or two spares and order more than not have any .. I might go a month now without breaking anything , and suddenly there is a oops moment , and you need new rotor blades , feathering shaft , main rotor shaft and maybe a servo or three ..

A really huge oops might see you replacing 50% of your bird ..

Do you twiddle your thumbs for a month waiting for parts , or do you sit down , repair the heli and kick yourself for doing something silly and keep flying ?

Anyhow , parts , how much etc is very personal , but you should keep some , especially the more common parts that are bent or broken ..

Main drive gear , main rotor shaft and feathering shaft , these 3 things are probably the most common to go , with servos next ..

Thing is , once you carry spares - youl break something you dont have - Murphys Law ...:p

#2 GooberSB Jan 30, 2013 10:06 AM

I keep my spare parts in boxes now. I have spare servos (when you get your cyclic servos order 4 because when one strips you will end up replacing all 3 if you cannot get the exact same one to replace it).

Also, keep 5-10 flybars in stock. I bend them during transportation to a flying site or back home sometimes since I don't have a carrying case for all of my 450 helis.

QC on the cheap main shafts is pretty bad. Expect some to be slightly bent.

Not only 2 short 1.5mm hex drivers but also a long one.

A magnetic parts tray for holding those tiny screws and washers.

A couple of drive belts. They stretch and have to be replaced eventually.

A spare set of tail blades in case of a tail strike on the pavement. I have hit little pebbles while landing in the grass or on cement sidewalks with pebbles in the concrete.

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