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#1 CapMike Jan 27, 2013 12:06 PM

Ergo 60 set-up
I recently became the owner of an Ergo 60 with a YS61ST-2 engine. I have found the manual for both the engine as well as the Heli. I fly only with Airtronics and have a question. I do not intend to fly 3D so would like the throttle to be linear like on my fixed pitch. My thought is I will need to limit throttle travel rpm gain so as to not overspeed the rotor head. I am thinking perhaps throttle hold rather than a linear throttle movement? Then I could do a collective of something like -1 to +5 I defer to the opinions of others as this is my first large Heli

#2 Roto Rob Jan 27, 2013 02:26 PM

If you set it up like an electric FP, it will be a very unpleasant helicopter.
You want throttle hold set properly to bring the engine back to idle.
+5 is not enough pitch. You really want at least +9.

#3 CapMike Jan 27, 2013 03:11 PM


Originally Posted by Roto Rob (Post 23948646)
If you set it up like an electric FP, it will be a very unpleasant helicopter.
You want throttle hold set properly to bring the engine back to idle.
+5 is not enough pitch. You really want at least +9.

Thanks for your response Rob. I am reading through the manual again and see for hovering mode I should program at low throttle stick it should be -2 half throttle +5 and high throttle +10. Do I set throttle hold or limit throttle travel so as to not overspeed the head?
I am new to flying Fuel Heli's and have only played with an Mcx and now a cheapo mall 4 channel fixed pitch. I was told that this older Ergo 60 was the easiest to fly as a collective.

#4 Roto Rob Jan 27, 2013 07:29 PM

It should hover at around 5.5 to 6 degree's of pitch. Hover rpm should be around 1500 rpm. Idle should be at low throttle stick in normal mode. It should be enough rpm to keep running, and not have the blades turn. How you set that up depends on how you want to kill the engine. Some transmitters have a button that will drop the throttle to kill the engine. Or you can use the trim lever to lower the throttle to cut (set ilde rpm with the trim lever centered, or a little higher if needed to kill the engine). You can also set another flight mode with low stick at throttle cut. I usually do all 3 incase I forget what I'm flying, one means will stop the engine. Depending on blades used, the idle up should be around 1750 rpm. Thats enough rpm to do 3D, and probably more than you will need. I usually set the pitch range on a helicopter this size to around +12 for beginners, and up to about 13 for 3D. You should at least use +9 degree's pitch. I set more pitch, since +9 might not be enough to pull out of a manuver if flying around.
To achieve this takes some setup time. You'll need a tachometer, to set the hover rpm. High rpm is more difficult, a good spotter with an optical tack might get it. I usually have a governor or throttle limiter to limit the max rpm. Some governors can be set to do either, govern or limit the rpm. The tuning is best done without it in governor mode, as it can trick you as to the tuning by changing the throttle to compensate.
Be careful this helicopter is big enough to be dangerous.
A silicon exhaust deflector is nice to have. It can be pinched off to kill the engine when starting. Usually for a first start, I get a helper to pinch the exhaust if needed. if the throttle is backwards or the idle to high it will start trying to turn the blades. So you need to get a good grip on the rotor head, a leg to block the boom from rotating on you, and a hand for the starter. So not easy to pinch the exhaust if something goes wrong. I usually start with the throttle to low to start, and bump it up a little at a time.
I set throttle hold to idle, incase I want to do an autorotation. You can set it to throttle cut to easily kill the engine, but not good to get in this habit unless you never intend to autorotate on purpose.

#5 CapMike Jan 27, 2013 07:56 PM

Rob thanks for the information. The former owner is also going to assist me with the set-up I wanted to try getting the radio set before going too far and getting myself into trouble. I did start it today but had some vibrations in the head so didn't attempt anything else. When checking the servos I noticed the tail rotor was rather slow to respond and return to center. I will check the shaft to make sure it isn't gummed up and that it is centered.

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