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#1 mosfetman Jan 20, 2013 10:32 PM

Jeti DC-16 supports 16gb Micro SD
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Since I am adding a substantial amount of voice sequences, I needed to know how much storage was going to be available to me on my Jeti DC-16. So, I obtained a Kingston 16GB HC Micro SD card (same brand and line as the original), formatted it as a FAT32 FS, copied over all the folders from the original, and booted the TX up. See attached pic for the results. I have written several models to it and have added about 30 large wav files...so far so good.

Separate from the SD size report, the DC-16 is reporting an "invalid Riff ID" on all wav files I produce on my MacBook Pro. It was doing this with the original SD card as well. Its apparently an encoding compliance thing I am told. If anyone has any input on how to massage wav files on a Mac so they will work, please let me know.

#2 todde Jan 25, 2013 02:01 AM

Mac hidden files

the Mac always writes hidden files to external drives. The DC-16 is nothing other than an external drive when connected via USB ... the problem is, that the OS on the DC-16 is Unix based and windows formatted, so it will not "hide" the hidden files, that are produced and copied over by a Mac. When you copy the WAV files to the DC-16, each file is double, one hidden file with a dot in front of it, like .-WAV and the original WAV container. The WAV files that have a dot in front of them can not be played, since they only contain meta-data of the according file. That's the invalid RIFF-ID error you get.

You can delete the hidden files by using the "dot_clean" command in Terminal on your Mac. Google how to do this.
After clean up, the original WAV files remain, can be selected and will play normally, just make sure, that they are sampled at 22KHz.


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