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#1 WATTS2005 Jan 19, 2013 11:22 PM

Dji f450 weight for fpv flying
Hello All,

Over the last few years i have been flying helis and now have moved on to building a DJI f450 quadcopter. Now that i have made the transion into quads just wondering if some one can be give me a good indication of what is a reasonable good weight set up for FPV flying and expected flight times.

My set up is as follows.
1) dji f450 genuine build kit (std props 10x 4.5)
2) naza & gps
3) spectrum recievers & with satelite
4) hobby king 900mzh transmitter & rubber arial
5) 1x 5300mah 3s lipo * 1x 1300mah lipo
6) sc2000 600 tvl flight camera
7) Go pro silver - intransit from FPV MODEL (ARRIVING SOON)

Dji say 1600g as take off weight, is most of you in this range or are running more heavier rigs? If so how much more and how is this effecting you flight times.

Any help would be great !


Melb / Ringwood

#2 Flayhay Apr 21, 2013 01:56 AM

F450 weight
Hi, my F450 is 2050 grams with full FPV setup, Gopro, Graupner 9x5 and 4S 5000
It flies very nice and gives total flight distance of 3-4 km on a battery.

I have found that the "pain threshold" for my F450 is at 4S 2P4000 (around 2,3) kg
At that point it starts to struggle with the weight.

Regards, Lars

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