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#1 bobepine Jan 18, 2013 11:10 PM

Armattan Quads Price List and FAQ (Part 3)

First thread: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1748835

Second thread: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1771898

OK guys, I'm ready to start taking some orders again. The last thread ran almost 100 pages long. New models were introduced and we went from V1 to V3 Armattan quads but the thread only showed pictures of V1. It's time to update the information in one page instead of expecting people to read through one hundred pages to find all the updates relevant to my quads.

I would like to thank all of you for the trust you invest in me. I would not want to post this thread without sending a warm thanks to the entire team of mods and admin on RCG for allowing me to use this section of the site to sell my quads. I think I offer a service that is far more akin to simple trading rather than a business operation. My prices are unmatched. I sell low and the service is unmatched by any vendors. No vendors send you videos of your build and let you decide at that time whether you want to buy it or not. These are the distinctions between the attributes of a trader and a vendor. So thanks guys for allowing me to get things off the ground. I am currently working with another RCG member on building a website and hopefully I will be taking the sales offsite to a brand new website soon at which point I'll have to relent my current status of "trader" toward the dreaded "Vendor" status. When this happens, I will definitely remember the opportunity rcgroups provided me with at the grassroots of this quad building venture of mine. You guys are awesome, is what I'm trying to say, here.

I do promise to continue offering the same "unmatched" personalized service, whether it's here or on my own website. And of course, I will continue to be present on RCGroups to offer help and support.

Now, I did promise that the first order in this thread will be subject to a "surprise" promotion. I will reveal this surprise shortly. ;)


#2 bobepine Jan 18, 2013 11:11 PM

Ordering and Payment Procedure
Ordering and Payment Procedure

1- Read the FAQ below
2- Ask any questions you may have BEFORE you order
3- Post your order in a separate post and include the specifics of your order once you decide on your order.
4- If you want to follow up on your order in private, you can then email me. PLEASE make sure to write your RCG user name in the email title. Your email subject line should read: Armattan Order From (insert RCG username here). So something like this: "Armattan Order From RCGUSERNAME."
5- Please DO NOT sent me further emails using a separate conversation. Just reply to the original email.
6- Avoid PMs, please. (my inbox is too small) Use email and again, please do not send multiple emails, just use the same original email and add to it if you need to contact me. Here's my email addy: armattanproductions (at) gmail (dot) com

*I usually reply to emails on the same day they are received.

Regarding Payment:

1- No payment is required until I send you a flight demo video of your build. (But I do include some freebies to those who send payment in advance) You will receive a video from me along with my paypal info and a request for payment once your build is ready. If you like what you see in the video, you send me the payment and I ship your order to you shortly after. I usually ship on Tuesdays every week, sometimes Fridays. If you don't like what you see in the video, you can cancel your order with no strings attached and no fuss. Now that is the kind of service you will not find anywhere else! ;)

For DIY kits and frames only, I do not send videos or images before requesting payment. Please refer to the post below about DIY kits to see what is included in a DIY kit.

2- When sending payment, you have to include your user name and shipping address in the "notes to the seller" section of your paypal payment so I know who the money is from and where to ship to. Payment that do not include this information will simply be refunded in full.

3- I only accept paypal payments and I only accept payment from VERIFIED paypal accounts. If your paypal is non-verified, you can still order but you have to send the money as "gift" and by doing so, you agree to not benefit from paypal's buyer's protection. This is because I am not protected if your paypal is non-verified unless you send the funds as gift.

4- I only ship to your paypal address. If you wish to have your order shipped to a different address, you have to include a "note in the seller" section of your payment to state: "Ship to: xyz..."

5- After your order is shipped, I will send you images of the box with official shipping labels as well as an image of the shipping receipt with the tracking number. PLEASE review the shipping label and contact me immediately if I made a mistake on your shipping address.

*Note that I also include video tutorials with the "shipped" notifications emails or PM for DIY kits, and also for pre-flight checks for RXR builds. These tutorials run you through building a quad or connecting your receiver and setting up your quad if you bought a RXR build.

All prices listed include paypal fees and shipping fees. Prices are listed as "shipped."

#3 bobepine Jan 18, 2013 11:11 PM

Armattan Quads FAQ

1- Can I buy props from you? No. I only include one set. I buy my props from here: http://www.himodel.com/sort.php?sub1=E2 And there is a poster selling them at a good price in the classifieds. His prices are good and I heard he's a nice guy.

2- What size are the props? Most of the quads I make use 8045 props. Quads 325mm or less use 7045 props. Quads 400-450mm use 9045 props. The small M220 uses 6' props.

3- Can I buy motors/Simonk ESCs from you? No. I do not sell components. I sell frames and RXR models. Even if you buy a RXR model from me and you want a spare motor or ESC, I will not sell. You can order that yourself through the various vendors who will be happy to take your orders. I can sell you spare frame parts, though.

4- Where can I buy these motors/ESCs? I buy RCX motors and ESCs from www.myrcmart.com and I also buy Turnigy motors and Hobby King ESCs from Hobby King. RCTimer motors with the same specs can me mismatched as are the Turnigy motors. You could have one of each brand of motors on the same quad and it will fly the same. I would not mismatch ESCs, though. You need 4 of the same.

5- What's your turn around time? It usually varies between 1 and 3 weeks depending on the model you order, parts I have in stock and how many orders I have. I can give you a more specific time estimate when you order.

6- How long does shipping take? Between 7 and 14 days. Most orders take 10 days.

7- Do you ship to Europe? Yes. I ship worldwide. Shipping cost is included in the price. There is a 15$ shipping charge ONLY for quads larger than 400mm. If 400mm quads are sold as DIY kits, there is no additional shipping cost.

8- What batteries do I need? You need 3s batteries, around 2200mAh with NO LESS than 40c discharge rate. For quads running 2826 motors, I recommend using closer to 3000mAh The battery connectors I use on Armattan quads are T-Deans connectors. NOTE: Most motors I ship are not compatible for use with 4s batteries. It might work but it's not recommended.

9- Can this quad lift a GoPro? Yes. Easily. Most people mount the GoPro on top of the top plate. And I will soon be selling a GoPro mount that will fit all Armattan models.

10- Why do you use motors with such high KV? It's for better performance and more thrust. A 2822 motors with 1100KV will produce about 500 grams of thrust. The same motor with 2600KV produces 850 grams of thrust. My quads are built for acrobatics. I believe that in the past, high KV motors were avoided because they would often make a quad unstable and cause oscillation. I'm using SimonK ESCs and the KK2 board on my builds and this combination can handle high KV rock solid even on hard acrobatic recoveries.

11- What are the leads I need to connect my receiver to the kk2? It depends on what kind of receiver you are using, but generlly, you need 3 wire jumper cables with female connectors on both ends. I use 1x 3 wire connectors and 4x single pin jumper cables on mine. Here's a link to where they sell the 3 pins jumper cables and single pins jumper cables as well. http://blueskyrc.com/index.php?main_...6a74386668d281

12- Will the KK2 board be flashed with the latest firmware? As of now, I flash V1.4 on the KK2. V1.5 has been released but it is for camera stabilization gimbals management and not needed on sports quad. So yes, I flash the latest firmware that is applicable to my models.

13- Does auto level on the KK2 help beginners? Yes and no. If you manage to tune it right it may help a bit but it doesn't work all that well and it makes the controls sluggish. So you may need to raise stick scaling a bit to get the same response on the sticks. I flash firmware V1.4 on the KK2s and this firmware improves the auto level function quite a bit but it's still not a "real" auto level like you will find on Multiwii, Open Pilot or Naza flight controllers. I do not program auto level on my models because I think it siply doesn't work well enough to bother. The KK2 is a great acrobatic platform, but for auto level it's greatly deficient, in my opinion.

14- Can I program the KK2 to make flying easier for a beginner? Yes, you can. Essentially, you need to reduce the stick scaling numbers on Pitch and Roll until the flight characteristics are tamer. Other settings in the KK2 board have no bearings on how easy the model is to fly.

15- Can you tell me what PI settings you program in the KK2?

These are the PI settings I fly myself and ship on all quads bigger than 335mm.

Pitch and Roll:




*For smaller quads like the CNC 258 or the M230

Pitch and Roll:




#4 bobepine Jan 18, 2013 11:12 PM

Armattan CNC models
Armattan CNC 258 and 355 V3

Sown below are the CNC V3 models. I have two sizes; 258mm and 355mm. These are the strongest quads airframe in the world. It doesn't sound very humble, but it's true. You can crash this thing to oblivion and all you need to repair it is a hammer or a rubber mallet, preferably. These frames can be bent in a bad crash but you will not need replacement arms or center plated to be back in the air in no time. It's a one time purchase that will outlast any other frames out there.

The center plates are 1051, 1.6mm alumi and the arms are 6061, aircraft grade, 4mm alumi. These are lazer cut to pin point accuracy. All CNC models ship with a metallic center plate nd a black anodized center plate. If you like the metallic look, you can mount the metallic plate on top and vise versa if you prefer the black anodized look. In the previous thread, I sold these for 5$ cheaper but people had to add 5$ for CNC landing skids. All the CNC 355 models ship with CNC skids as standard now. CNC 258 come with nylon and rubber skids because they are not compatible with mounting CNC skids.


CNC 355

RXR- 230$
RXR DIY Kit- 210$
Frame only- 65$
*Add 2.50$ per arm if you want black anodized or powder coated
Spare arms: 12$

CNC 258

-RXR- 225$
-RXR DIY Kit- 205$
-Frame only- 60$ (all necessary hardware included)
*Add 2.$ per arm if you want black anodized or powder coated
-Spare arms: 12$

CNC 355





*Note, this video is of the V1 CNC355 I don't have a video of V3 yet. Same quad, just V3 center plates are lighter and nicer in design.
Armattan Models (12 min 54 sec)

CNC 258





Armattan 358 V3 (11 min 23 sec)

#5 bobepine Jan 18, 2013 11:12 PM

Armattan M Models
Armattan M Models

The M models use the same V3 center plates as the CNC models. The difference is they use tubular arms which I cut and drill to size. Just about any size can be ordered but I do charge extra for shipping on RXR builds larger than 400mm and I may also have to charge more for very large builds if I have to place a special order for motors. Essentially, if you want something bigger than 400mm, best is to send me a PM or email me for a quote. The smallest size I build for the M models is 220mm.

This model is the lightest of all my models and as such, it offers the best flight time. It's also cheaper for me to produce so the prices reflect that. These models are also very tough, though the CNC models are much tougher. These quads now ship standard with CNC skids so the price is 5$ extra just like in the previous thread.

-M model RXR, titanium colored anodized arms: 190$
- DIY Kit: 175$
-Frame only: 45$ (comes with all necessary hardware and top plate)
* Add 2:50$ per arms if you want them powder coated black or bright orange.
- Spare arms: 4$
*Note that the price is 5$ cheaper for the small frames that do not use CNC skids.

*Note that the following picture is a M model using the V1 center plates. All models will now ship with V3 center plates. In the photo, the quad also uses nylon skids. I now ship these with CNC skids.


Here's with the V3 plates and CNC skids. *GoPro mount will be sold separately. It has not been produced yet.



Armattan 360 with CCD3 Open Pilot FC (6 min 52 sec)

Armattan M230 Outdoor (7 min 17 sec)

#6 bobepine Jan 18, 2013 11:13 PM

Armattan One
Armattan One

Longer flight time, lighter, faster... Need I say more?


This is not available for order yet. Should be available in about 2 weeks. Prices will be posted by then. Stay tuned...

Armattan One... Sneak Preview... ;) (2 min 1 sec)

#7 bobepine Jan 18, 2013 11:14 PM

DIT Kits
Everything is included just as if you bought a RXR model but you have to put it together yourself. See above posts for prices. Note that the KK2 boards come flashed with version 1.4 and fully tuned. No tuning needed. Just plug and play, aside from the necessary pre-flight check. NON NEED TOO BUY ANYTHING. IT'S ALL INCLUDED.

*** Note that is is an old video showing earlier models center plates. DIY kits now ship with V3 center plates and CNC skids.
DIY Kits video:

DIY kit (6 min 53 sec)

#8 bobepine Jan 18, 2013 11:15 PM

1- adrenahelin PAID SHIPPED

2- deltafly ch ****Winner of a FREE CNC 355 RXR **** SHIPPED
-CNC 355 RXR

3- Pablochopper PAID SHIPPED
-CNC 258 all black

4-Painless360 PAID SHIPPED
-CNC 258 RXR all anodized black with black and red/orange props

5-northrnflyer PAID SHIPPED
-cnc 355 rxr
-black top & bottom center plates
-black rear arms and orange front with props to match
-black cnc skids

6- Aviasafe PAID SHIPPED
-CNC355 Set for a beginner
-Black rear arms anodized black and orange front arms powder coated orange

7- lancelhoff PAID Order canceled and refunded in full.
- CNC 355 RXR
- Black anodized center plates
- Orange Front Props / Black Rear Props

8- jdr00ejr Paid Shipped
-M381 Black, with spares9 (Orange and Black props requested)

9- macinr Paid Shipped
-cnc 355 rxr
-black rear arms and orange front with props to match

10- Rexless PAID SHIPPED
-CNC 355 DIY kit with spares
-M375 frame nylon skids
-Soldering jig

11- aespy PAID Shipped
M400 RXR metallic

12- superfets PAID shipped
-CNC 355 all black anodized with both center plates anodized as well. 2 spare arms also black anodized. (Note: signature)
-GoPro Mount
- To be setup with CC3D (Waiting for CC3D delivery)

13- lemonaide PAID SHIPPED
- 2 cnc 355 rxr
- black top & bottom center plates
- black rear arms and orange front with props to match

14- micool72 PAID Shipped
-Can i Please order a CNC 355 RXR v3 Metallic look $230
and also a CNC 258 RXR v3 Metallic look $225
set up to your aerobatic rates and to suit Spectrum
different coloured props from front to back on both quads
-GoPro Mount

15- leen_iz_meen PAID Shipped
-VNC 258 all black anodized with 2 spare anodized arms (Set with mellow stick scaling)

#9 adrenahelin Jan 18, 2013 11:22 PM

Chris, i'd like to order a 355/CNC frame w/ metal finish arms and top center plate, bottom center plate black anodize finish w/ a spare top clear plate, no power board, (will need a set of standoffs, i have an extra power board) thanks.
edit: if applicable, pls award "surprise promo" to deltafly ch as this order was at the end of the previous thread, thanks.
congrats to Harry on winning a great quad !!

#10 deltafly ch Jan 19, 2013 12:04 AM

order cnc355
hi chris
like to order : cnc 355 rxr
sent me pm
for paypal
regards Harry

#11 major.monogram Jan 19, 2013 12:37 AM

Glad to see the thread back, sir. Can't wait to see the ONE up there^.

#12 Pablochopper Jan 19, 2013 01:09 AM

Just waiting to see the prices on the M model

#13 Pablochopper Jan 19, 2013 01:12 AM

No Hurry though my PayPal out and ready to be used

#14 deltafly ch Jan 19, 2013 01:53 AM


Originally Posted by adrenahelin (Post 23858760)
Chris, i'd like to order a 355/CNC frame w/ metal finish arms and top center plate, bottom center plate black anodize finish w/ a spare top clear plate, no power board, (will need a set of standoffs, i have an extra power board) thanks.
edit: if applicable, pls award "surprise promo" to deltafly ch as this order was at the end of the previous thread, thanks.

hi adrenahelin
many many thanks to you:rolleyes::rolleyes: i cant belive it
you are so kind thanks thanks
regards Harry

#15 adrenahelin Jan 19, 2013 02:25 AM

hi Harry, you're very welcome, enjoy it, whatever it is :D and you'll love the cnc355, they fly really nice!

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