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#1 neilbooth Jan 18, 2013 09:56 PM

parkzone stryker f27q upgrade
Hi all, help needed.

I know this may have been covered in other threads but I got lost in the masses of pages and the others seem to be quite old and can't find the motors they're talking about.

I'm after upgrading my stryker f27q, I'm running it stock at the moment on 3s lipo and want to upgrade it to 4s. I'm going to buy some turnigy nanotech 4s lipos and a 60 or 80 amp turnigy plush esc, I want some decent speed out of this thing so wanted to know what motor you guys think I should buy and what prop size I should go with, I'm pretty much a noob with electric stuff as iv always flown nitro war birds and nitro fan jets. Thank-you in advance to you all for your help on this.

#2 Var. Jan 24, 2013 09:23 PM

4S + 80A ESC with APC 7x5E is popular. I think some people report ~115mph or more in a dive

#3 neilbooth Jan 27, 2013 01:26 PM

Thanks var, is that on the stock motor or an upgraded one

#4 Var. Jan 27, 2013 04:49 PM

Stock motor.

#5 neilbooth Jan 27, 2013 09:46 PM

Ok m8 nice1, il give it a try.

#6 neilbooth Feb 15, 2013 09:15 AM

Hi guys. I tested the 4s 80amp turnigy plush and a 7x5e prop on the stock motor and its pulling over 95 amps and the motor and esc are getting real hot real fast lol. Any ideas whats wrong here? Thanks guys.

#7 nofreee Feb 15, 2013 01:49 PM

Static motor tests always show more amps then they will see in the air. The motor will unload in flight and see ~10% drop in amps. Additionally, you will have gobs more airflow over the equipment to help keep it cool.

Throw it up, keep the WOT burst short and check the temps after a few passes. Adjust your flying/gear as needed.

#8 neilbooth Feb 18, 2013 10:57 AM

Took it up at the weekend and after a few passes it fried the motor :'( aww well. Its a good excuse to get a better one lol.

#9 Var. Feb 22, 2013 06:31 PM


Originally Posted by neilbooth (Post 24172797)
Took it up at the weekend and after a few passes it fried the motor :'( aww well. Its a good excuse to get a better one lol.

Sorry to hear man. Lot of people were using that setup over in the Stryker main thread.

How long did you go full throttle? Usually it's supposed to be limited to 5-10 second bursts

What did you think of the speed before it gave out?

#10 postalflyer72 Feb 22, 2013 06:39 PM

He must have left it floored. I run a 7x6 with a 60a esc on stock motor. Still flying strong. Word of advice, use cf arrow under wing to reinforce. Already folded a wing but good as new. I think you don't want to read at all and get easy answers. There is one thread that covers it all. Motors are listed and updated all the time. Here you go. http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1416165

#11 neilbooth Feb 23, 2013 08:41 AM

Hi all. I flew it on half throttle for a few passes and a wot pass for about 5 seconds before it gave out. The speed did seem quite a bit faster and pull better. Iv read many many threads but get confused when ppl start contradicting each other. Anyway I had a spare stock motor that I ran after with the stock 6x6 prop. See what u think
4s stryker f27q (2 min 24 sec)

Iv got a new motor to try now it a scorpion s2 3014-1220kv and going to run an apc 8x9. Will post a vid after the weekend.

#12 postalflyer72 Feb 24, 2013 02:02 PM

A few things to consider. First of all reinforcing the wing with cf above plastic from underside. Make sure it hits corner of servo for longest possible. Also 8X9 on a what? 2s pack? That prop sounds a bit too large and too much pitch. Even an 8x8 might be a bit much. Hard to tell without having info on how many cells. Anyways here is the picture of the bottom of the Stryker during surgery. The front line with foam is another design flaw. It's fiberglass that has not been scuffed. Eventually will give and separate at middle.


#13 neilbooth Feb 25, 2013 02:49 AM

Hey thanks for the pic, I was going to do it but was unsure where to put it so that helped alot. Im running on 4s 2700mah 65-130c turnugy nano tech packs. I too was a little suspicious about the prop being too big but theres a lad on YouTube running this setup but with a 9x9 apc sport prop and getting 138mph so I just thought I would try it before forking out for a Mega inrunner.

#14 feefo Mar 08, 2013 04:50 AM

Ther's some info on the Scorpion motors on the MPX Dogfighter thread, mainly the 1400kv, 1600kv and the 1900kv. Most of these motors have been pushed upto about 90-100a and seem to be holding out ok. I run the 1600kv on 4s with a 7x7 APC sport, nothing blistering fast but it's a good solid setup at around 65a static. Another user is running the same prop on 5s and he seems happy with it.

Not sure why you think big props will cause a problem? Ok you'll get some torque roll at launch which is a bit un-nerving the 1st couple of times but otherwise they're fine. They shouldn't cause a prob at landing either, use the brake function on the esc, try and get the prop horizontal for landing, but if not it simply gets nudged out of the way. I've never broke a sport prop on a pusher when landing yet.

Vid of a guy on the FJU thread who goes with the flow when it torque rolls at launch, very cool IMO.

FJ Ultra MEGA 16 35 2 6s2650 5 5x5 5 (2 min 51 sec)

#15 feefo Mar 08, 2013 05:56 AM

BTW, Mega's are sweet motors, and I much prefer my Mega in my FJU over the Scorpion in the DF.

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