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#1 jmscard Jan 16, 2013 09:37 PM

Aeromarine Team Believer 36" Fast Electric Brushless Cat ARTR
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Here is 36" Team Believer Aeromarine Cat... all it needs to run is Radio, Batts, Esc, and Prop..

Near all parts are VERY NEW... only 3 runs on motor, hardware, flex, etc... hull is in great shape as well... this boat has a monster Motor in it... just add a HV esc 200 amp rating or more, along with a prop/batts/radio and you are ready to go... on 10s expect speeds of 70-75... 12s should see mid to high 80's at least.. These Team believers are actually based off the Supercat design and are unreal handling boats, they are very wide so they handle like a rigger, and can handle some serious Choppy water... no swimming out to an overturned boat all the time with this big one!

Boat Comes with:

36" Aeromarine Team Believer Hull with High END Hardware, rudder is shown unistalled for storage purposes but is inlcuded in sale.
1/4 cable flex dropped down to 3/16 propshaft
Motor Coupler for the 8mm shaft motor to .25 flex
Leopard 5698 910kv Motor with 8mm female bullets applied (leopards are HIGHER quality then alot of the China stuff, well admired by the Fast electric boat peeps, and the 5698 is an monster.
Leopard Matching 56XX Water Jacket
Aluminum motor mount
Futaba Rudder Servo
Carbon Lined floor for added rigidity
Foamed front of boat for flotation
Boat has the "wood" applied so that a subhatch is only the step of getting a peice of plexiglass cut to keep the water TOTALLY out should it end up on its top... you can see the subhatch wood around the edge of the hatch access.

$495 shipped in the US 48

Gotta go... Reduced to $360 shipped in the US 48!!!

EREVO BE is not included in sale lol... just there to show size of boat... the erevo is the BIG erevo not the 1/16 version for size comparison only.

#2 jmscard Feb 13, 2013 12:42 AM

Lowered to $360 shipped in the US ...I want this go e to fund other projects.... This is a steal do even just a bit of research... This is what a aeromarine team believer does with a smaller :) gas motor ... Shows you how they handle... I know you wouldn't think it but the massive electric motor in the boat listed here is faster then this gas variant...

36" Aeromarine Team Believer Zen 230 (0 min 34 sec)

And here is an electric team believer winning against gas weedwacker boats back in 2009 when electrics first started overpowering the gas models.. Just awesome :)

Fine Design R/C Electric vs. Gas and Nitro (2 min 26 sec)

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