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#1 yafb-25 Jan 01, 2013 09:05 PM

e-Fest scale
will there be the Pro/Am scale deal this year at efest like there was last year

#2 Frank Noll Jan 02, 2013 10:39 AM

Yes, there will be a scale contest, but if there's not enough competitors to make a decent contest then it will be cancelled.

Info can be found here: http://hobbico-efest.com/indoor-scale.html

#3 Scott Pavlock Jan 07, 2013 09:59 AM

Quick question regarding the "Maneuvers of choice." The rules on the website say you may substitute one of your "Three" maneuvers of choice for a mechanical option, however there are only two maneuvers of choice listed out of the 6 total flight maneuvers.

So should this actually read: you may substitute one of your two maneuvers of choice for a mechanical option, or are there actualy three maneuvers of choice?


#4 Grimracer Jan 22, 2013 11:25 AM


Thank you for pointing that out.. we are on it!



#5 Grimracer Jan 22, 2013 03:24 PM


Originally Posted by yafb-25 (Post 23684340)
will there be the Pro/Am scale deal this year at efest like there was last year

There will not be a Pro-am class.. BUT.. look for news regarding the contest soon.


#6 Grimracer Jan 23, 2013 08:29 AM

Scale Pilots,

I would like to introduce myself to those that might not know me. My name is Mike Zaborowski and I will be the Contest Director for this year 2013 E-FEST Scale Contest! I have flown in this very contest in the past and its inspiring for sure!

First I would like to congratulate past winners and participants and encourage those pilots and others to join in on this great event for 2013.
This contest is FREE with your paid admission and open to ALL building and flying SKILL LEVELS!
We will be making a few last minuet changes to the rule set and I want all of you to watch for that update on the Efest website in the coming days. (Please accept our apologies for this bump in the road)

To give you an update, we are going to open this contest up to factory built airplanes. If you have the mad skills to super detail a factory built aircraft then by all means show us what you can do. If you want to join in and have an airplane judged by professional impartial judges then this contest is for you! Having said this, this contest is still open to the pro still scratch builder kit builder because we like to learn from and enjoy those airplanes as well!

Get ready to learn from the others, make friends and HAVE SOME FUN! We hope to inspire you to continue to fly “scale”!
Kind Regards

Mike Zaborowski 2013 Efest SCALE CD

Please feel free to ask questions here (I will check this thread each day) or email me at mzaborowski@hobbico.com

#7 Grimracer Jan 23, 2013 08:42 AM

Here we go.. GET EM READY!

Let me know if you have any questions!


Purpose: The purpose of this event is to share building, modifying and painting techniques as well as crown a “champion” regarding two disciplines i.e. building and flying. We would like to hope that you find new respect and enjoyment in participating in an event like this and support scale aero-modeling in the future!

E-Fest Scale Rules:
The model aircraft must be a replica of a full scale aircraft.
One model entry per contestant, owner/builder must pilot the aircraft.
There will be ONE (1) class and its will be called the “Open” Class

Fixed Wing Aircraft Weight Limit:
Fixed Wing – 12 oz max weight ready to fly with flight battery
Helicopter restrictions:
Helicopters – Must be 130 size or smaller and the blade length must not exceed 130mm (blade bolt center to tip).
Helicopter aerobatics will not be permitted even if the full scale helicopter was capable
NOTE: Helicopters do not have a weight restriction.

1 - Static:
Your model will be judged on the following guidelines.
1. – Craftsmanship (0 to 20 pts)
2. – Realism (0 to 20 pts)
3. – Detail (0 to 20 pts)

2 - Flight Maneuvers:
Your aircraft will be judged on the following maneuvers. HINT: Optional maneuvers should be representative of the real aircraft. NOTE, IMPORTANT: Due to flight time constraints only the top 8 scoring static models will be forwarded to the flight portion of the contest.
1. Take off (0 to 10 pts) Takeoff and landing must be parallel to judges.
2. High Speed Fly-by (0 to 10 pts) pass to be 40-60 feet long between 10-20 feet altitude.
3. Maneuver of your choice (0 to 10 pts)
4. Maneuver of your choice (0 to 10 pts)
5. Landing (0 to 10 pts)
6. Flight Realism (0 to 10 pts)

(Other than Takeoff and landing, maneuvers do not have to be performed in the above order.)

3 - Bonus:
You will receive 5 bonus pts for picture or photocopy of the aircraft you are modeling.
NOTE: One of the two “maneuvers of your choice” can be substituted with “one” mechanical option i.e. flaps, gear, etc. (Lighting is NOT a mechanical option)
NOTE: The mechanical option must be proven and judged with the aircraft in flight.
Description of “maneuvers” begin on page SC20. http://www.modelaircraft.org/files/e...ooks/Scale.pdf

1 - Your “static score” will be the average between judges of the 3 static disciplines
2 - Your “flight score” will be the average between judges of the 6 flight maneuvers
3 - Your “bonus score” will be added to your combined static and flight scores
Your “total score” will be the sum of the static score, plus the flight score with the addition of you bonus score if you receive one.

The CD for the event is Mike Zaborowski mzaborowski@hobbico.com
A contestant number will be issued to you upon registration.
Registration begins at 9:00 am the Saturday of the event. No pre-registration.
Static judging to begin at 1pm
We will have ˝ hour dedicated to the flight portion of the event (between 5:30 and 10PM). We will announce the start of the flying portion of the event as that time becomes apparent. Please everybody be ready.
There will be NO “SCALE ONLY” dedicated time slot before the flight portion of the contest for practice flights.
Contestants will have 4 minutes total time from when called to complete their flight, No exceptions.

Awards issued:
High Static Score
Contest winner

#8 Mattfly Jan 23, 2013 09:29 AM


Looking forward to the scale event. My plane has flown and I am working an all the scale bits that are so easy to break off!

See you there!

Matt Andren
Horizon Hobby

#9 Grimracer Jan 23, 2013 10:44 AM


Looking forward to it and thanks for your continued support of this event. I myself will forgo competing to MAKE SURE this event goes on without a hitch.. AND PLEASE tell your buddies. With the update to the rules (factory built) they to just might have time to get one in the contest.
Now beating the likes of some of the past champions and master builders like yourself.. They best get busy!


#10 Angelo Jan 26, 2013 11:02 AM

What to enter?
2 Attachment(s)
Opening this up to "ARFs" has me wondering what to do. I was going to scratch build a Fokker Eindecker, but I'm still waiting for materials and might not have the time. I've got a Micro Mustang I've detailed, along with a Pico Tigermoth. The 'Moth would be a lot easier to fly in the flight portion, assuming I get that far. Decisions, decisions...

#11 Grimracer Jan 27, 2013 04:13 PM

Remember to keep that weight restriction in mind!


#12 Grimracer Jan 29, 2013 01:29 PM

It sometimes seems like this kind of info needs to go without saying but to address it now...
IF’ in the flying portion of the contest your aircraft crosses behind the judges shoulder line, the flight will be disqualified.
It’s just not safe!
Safety First!

Get em ready.. time is getting short! Looking forward to all the "Great Planes" at this years Efest!

#13 Angelo Jan 29, 2013 04:49 PM

Just realized I have a prior commitment that day. Bugger :(

#14 Grimracer Jan 30, 2013 11:05 AM

Sorry to hear that Angelo!. Maybe next time!


ALSO.. it looks like we are just days away from announcing the Judges for this year’s event!.

#15 Mattfly Jan 30, 2013 02:40 PM


Originally Posted by Grimracer (Post 23969904)
IF’ in the flying portion of the contest your aircraft crosses behind the judges shoulder line, the flight will be disqualified.

Don't worry, I am not bringing the 727 this year!!! hehe

Matt Andren
Horizon Hobby

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