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#1 Roger Crockett Dec 31, 2012 08:55 AM

this is my first time so I hope I'm doing this right.I hv a 450 v2 hausler heli and I can't seem to program the esc on it. what is happening is when I go to spool up and flip the throttle switch off... the blades start turning at a high rate of speed. Even though the throttle stick is all the way down. I've looked at other ways to program the esc but to no avail. What should I do to fix this problem ??????? :confused:


#2 fuggetaboutit Dec 31, 2012 09:24 AM

Which switch are you flipping? Sounds like you are flipping idle up. what controller are you using?

#3 Balr14 Dec 31, 2012 09:34 AM

Yeah, there's no switch you flip when you go to spool up. There are only two switches that effect head speed (Idle Up and Throttle hold) and they should both be off before turning on the transmitter to eliminate any dumb accidents.

#4 Roger Crockett Dec 31, 2012 11:22 AM

It's a ZD FLY t-6a....and it's the throttle hold switch. They are both off when I turn the transmitter on.And as I flip the throttle hold the blades start spinning pretty fast

#5 Balr14 Dec 31, 2012 11:47 AM

Let me rephrase what I said. Throttle hold cuts power to the blades when you engage it. You want it disengaged so the throttle functions normally when you plug in the battery. You want idle up mode off. You don't engage that until you are at 50% throttle, if you are using it at all. You want the throttle and throttle trim all the way down when you initialize the startup sequence. There's no telling how some transmitters react if you don't follow this sequence. If the motor starts to spin as soon as the arming step completes, you have a problem with your idle up switch or setting. If the arming step refuses to complete, you probably have the throttle reversed. I hope you are testing this with the main blades removed.

#6 Roger Crockett Dec 31, 2012 01:06 PM

thanks Balr14.... after reading your post "slowly" a few times LOL... it all came together!!! I just canceled my order for a new esc!! As a newbie you will see me often

thanks again

#7 ASTREA1 Dec 31, 2012 03:41 PM

I had a BlackHawk 450SE a few years ago, and it came with the same Tx, just rebranded different. From what I remember, the upper left switch was the throttle hold(Active when pulled towards you), upper right was Idle up(Active when pulled towards you, which you always want to start with it away from you)..

One of the pots was gyro gain, while the other is hover throttle.

I don't remember if it was able to bind with throttle hold on, but it's a good idea for safety.

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