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#1 RubSon Dec 22, 2012 05:20 AM

Stream by Stream Team
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Well......... The world didnīt end last night, and Iīm glad it didnīt.

I guess Santa was to busy getting ready for christmas, but he was decent enough to send one of his elf to my doorstep with a little something.

I think this might be the number one gift this year:D.

One week ago I recived a mail from the Stream Team. They offered me to buy
2 planes. One D-box and on full carbon version. On top of that, they said I could have them before christmas......

What do you do then?
I started digging all around to find some cash. I could find money for one plane, but the offer was to good. So I told a friend and he was in on the buy. It only took 30 sec to convince him, that this was a sweet deal. We decided to put in the extra money to buy a set off wingbag for both planes. (Donīt hesitate if you buy, these bags are the best Iīve seen ever!)

Here are my first impressions from the un-boxing.

Planes where shipped in a woodenbox and arrived without a scratch.
Inside all parts where wrapped in protectivefoam, bubblewrap and small airbags.
The right way to ship DLGīs.

I know the pictureīs arenīt that good, (cellphone), but I couldnīt find the camera and didnīt have time to search the whole house. (with two teenagers hanging around it could be eveyrwhere:))

The pictures we have seen here doesnīt give all the credit needed to this babies.
I have never owned a plane that looked so good on arrival!
These are a piece of art, and would do good just hanging over the fireplace. I donīt whant them to though, Theyīll have to do what they are made for. FLY.

Building will be stalled somewhat as itīs christmas time.
A time to be with your family and reflect on the real meaning of christmas.....


#2 pampiks Dec 22, 2012 05:59 AM

Congratulations, Ruben!!! I hope you will enjoy these models for a long time. :D They came really quickly.

#3 nickbox Dec 22, 2012 06:59 AM

very nice plane, I LOVE light plane.

#4 NCDLG Dec 22, 2012 08:12 AM

Nice, keep the camera clicking Ruben.
What gear are you planning for it?

They look fantastic...


#5 RubSon Dec 22, 2012 09:29 AM


Pampkis, I enjoy just looking at them, and allmost canīt wait to get them flying. I bet you Santa did some sweettalking to the danish postalservice. Normally they tend to slow things down just to make their costummers pull the last hairstraw from the head!:mad:

E. No need to make a buildlog if you leave the camera outside the shop:D.

Gears planned are. D60īs in the wing, and D47 at elevator. Going RL as usual.
2s1p 350ma Lipo and costum Buzzer-reg. RX MPX 6ch 2,4.
Pretty much standart setup for my DLGīs.
Gears are missing in the shop, as this was a fast buy!

But with christmas and a birthday comming up in 3 weeks, there should be some possibilities.....

Once again.
Pictures will not do much credit to the finish of these planes. Itīs allmost breathtaking. And the touching the surface just makes you whant to cuddle them:o.


#6 ThomasDino Dec 22, 2012 11:17 AM

Hi Ruben

Thank you for thinking at me when ordering :-)
I'm still just sitting here, looking at and feeling the awesome surface of the carbon wing, body and tail parts.

Tried to tell my wife that she would have to sleep on the couch tonight, as her place in the bed were taken by this beautiful DLG........ Guess what happened :-)

Looking forward to the build.

Best regards
And a Merry Christmas to all of you.

#7 RubSon Jan 01, 2013 12:38 PM

Fist step....
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Well... Happy New Year:cool:

The holydays are allmost over, and the world didnīt end as some one said it would.
Thats good news, īcause then I can get on with this assembly. A build is a big word for finishing this model, they are allmost done in advance...

Went in to the shop to do some work on the wing. My goal was to install the aileronservos, but it didnīt quite go as planned.....

Did some measuring to place the servos, and started to make wounds to the wing. Was hoping to locate the wirechannels when the digging was done, but couldnīt find them.
They should be there, Stream Team told me, but as this is the first ever plane to be sold, the manual isnīt done yet.
Iīll get the measuments tomorrow, and then Iīll go on.

Let the pictures speak......

That was what was accomplised today. Pizza has to be eaten and the last night before work starts tomorrow is to be spend with the kids.


#8 Loet Wakkerman Jan 01, 2013 02:24 PM


Gears planned are. D60īs in the wing
I see a D47 on one of the pictures.

Happy new year BTW

#9 RubSon Jan 01, 2013 04:04 PM

Thanks Loet

You got an eagles eye:D.

Itīs right I mentioned D60 in the wings.
But I found enough D47īs in the drawer and felt the urge to do something.....

Iīve flow with D47 in most of my planes without any hickups...... so i just went for it:rolleyes:

Gotta get this baby airborne


#10 RubSon Jan 06, 2013 03:35 AM

Moving on....
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Time to move on...

Got a little more done on the wings, and started on the feathers.

This plane will be testflown with D47 in the wings. My supplier, local that is, is not able to deliver D60 right at the moment. I know I could get them in Germany, but we need to keep the local guy alive....

On with the pictures.

#11 RubSon Jan 06, 2013 08:22 AM

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..some more....

Info under each picture...

#12 NCDLG Jan 06, 2013 03:35 PM

Looks good Ruben

Surprised that they didn't integrate the pylon mount on the fuse... wonder what the thinking was on that?

Thanks for posting the progress you've made!

#13 tom43004 Jan 06, 2013 03:43 PM

If you don't integrate the pylon, you offer the option of top or bottom mounted stab, pull string or pushrod, full flying, etc.

Integral stab mounts are a significant effort in the molding process too.

#14 NCDLG Jan 06, 2013 04:24 PM

Yes... It's not a bad thing, just don't see it on many DLG's at this level.

#15 RetoF3X Jan 06, 2013 05:07 PM


Originally Posted by tom43004 (Post 23731830)
If you don't integrate the pylon, you offer the option of top or bottom mounted stab, pull string or pushrod, full flying, etc.

Integral stab mounts are a significant effort in the molding process too.

And you can vary the boom length and you can make sure yourself that everything is straight and level.


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