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#1 ChuckTseeker Dec 13, 2012 12:45 AM

Parkzone Archer BnF
Well what a surprise this was :eek:

i'll have one delivered in the morning for an unboxing/review :cool:



The compact size, scale looks and smooth flight characteristics of the ParkZone® Archer™ park flyer make it the perfect companion for long trips, short breaks or any time you want to unwind with some sport flying fun. It comes with a striking trim scheme and sleek cowl inspired by the newest generation of Archers flying today. Other scale touches include dimpled control surfaces, gas cap details and a painted pilot figure. All that’s left for you to complete is a few minutes of final assembly while you wait for the battery to charge.

In the air, control response is so smooth and predictable, pilots who’ve flown nothing but a high wing trainer will feel right at home on the very first flight. More advanced pilots will find the efficient brushless motor delivers ample power for sport aerobatics while still making it possible to enjoy flight times of 10 minutes or more using the stock battery. Even ground handling is a pleasure. The wide-stance, tricycle landing gear does a great job of preventing the model from tipping or dragging a wing during taxi, takeoff and landing.

4-channel control—throttle, elevator, aileron and rudder
Powerful 370-size, 1300Kv BL outrunner, installed
Spektrum™ AR400 4-Channel DSM2®/DSMX® sport receiver installed
E-flite® 10A Pro Brushless ESC, installed
ParkZone® SV80 sub-micro servos, installed
Durable Z-Foam™ construction
Large, easy-access battery compartment
Panel line, wing and control surface details
Painted pilot figure, installed
Wide-stance, tricycle landing gear with steerable nosewheel
Quick, easy assembly
Includes a 2S 1300mAh 20C Li-Po battery
Includes a 2-cell DC balancing charger
Requires a full-range 4+ channel DSM2/DSMX aircraft

Wingspan: 36.8 in (935mm)
Overall Length: 25.6 in (650mm)
Flying Weight: 16.4 oz (466 g)
Motor Size: 370-size 1300Kv brushless outrunner (installed)
Radio: AR400 4-channel receiver (installed)
Trim Scheme Colors: Red, grey, black and white
CG (center of gravity): 1.6 in (40mm) back from the leading edge of wing
Prop Size: 8.25 x 5.5
Spinner Size: 1.0 in (25mm)
Speed Control : 10-amp (installed)
Recommended Battery: 7.4V 2S 1300mAh 20C Li-Po (included)
Flaps: No
Retracts: No
Charger: 2S DC Li-Po balancing charger (included)
Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years
Experience Level: Intermediate
Recommended Environment: Outdoor
Assembly Time: Less than 1 Hour
Is Assembly Required: Yes






cheers chuck

#2 bellyup Dec 13, 2012 01:01 AM

What a shame it wont be released before xmas. I snapped my 14yo son's old beat up HZ supercub in half for the umpteenth time a couple of days ago and promised I'd replace it rather than fix it again. Since he flies better than me he'd go well with this as his first low wing. Looking forward to the review!

#3 E-Challenged Dec 13, 2012 11:48 AM

Finally a break from T-28's. Should be as easy to fly.

#4 flyinucrazy Dec 13, 2012 12:07 PM

Any Idea on release date?

#5 E-Challenged Dec 13, 2012 12:33 PM

PZ Reliant question: Will PZ/Horizon discontinue the Stinson Reliant, the website says that the PNP version has been discontinued. Will spare parts be available for some time?

#6 Dave Eichstedt Dec 13, 2012 02:51 PM

Availability: The Archer is already on the water and will be available around the end of Dec or beginning of January. Flies nice. Spiritual successor to the old J-3 Cub and Decathlon, just brought up to date with Z-foam, 4 channels and DSM technology.

Stinson: The BNF version is continuing and so will parts. When we discontinue a product, we almost always provide parts support for about 2 years after the main item is discontinued. The only exceptions to this are extreme situations where a vendor goes out of business or exits a product category and is unable to supply us.

#7 Mattfly Dec 13, 2012 02:52 PM

Hey all,

The Parkzone Archer should be available by early January. They are all ready on the water.

As for the Stinson, we are planning on continuing to carry the BNF version for the foreseeable future and carry parts to support it after it is discontinued whenever that may be.

Hope that helps!

Matt Andren
Parkzone/Hobbyzone Product Development
Horizon Hobby

Edit: and I see Dave beat me to it... :)

#8 flyinucrazy Dec 13, 2012 02:55 PM

I back Ordered mine today Mattfly. And thanks for the update, Horizon Hobby has one of the best customer services period!

#9 F-86FLIER4LIFE Dec 13, 2012 05:42 PM

subbing to this, recieved my pilot license in an archer! hopefully this looks good

#10 Conehead Dec 13, 2012 06:07 PM

The Archer may be nice, but no lights on it, so flying late into the evening which I do a lot, becomes a big problem.

Great Planes is putting lights in many of their new releases, which makes them very attractive. Beaver and Corsair both have lights already installed,
While this is a nice plane, lights already installed would be a definate plus in my mind.

Orrin Eldred

#11 ChuckTseeker Dec 13, 2012 06:33 PM

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it's arrived along with my new Christmas gift to myself :D

looks good :cool: will start the review/unboxing vid after lunch today ;)

cheers chuck

#12 addictedtoplanes Dec 13, 2012 06:50 PM

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HOW DO YOU GET NEW PLANES SO SOON??????? It just came out today???:confused:

#13 piper28pc Dec 13, 2012 07:36 PM

Not impressed by the 370 motor... 480 size and 3 cells are a far better choice. I also dislike the fact that they chose the Archer III. The Archer II had better lines... in my opinion anyways...

#14 dbc Dec 13, 2012 08:08 PM

Another pricey HH model that has too short a tail moment. It would fly and look much better if the proportions were nearer correct. Length to wingspan ratio of .69 whereas the real PA 28 was about .77 I've seen this again and again in HH models and really don't like it.

#15 ryramZ Dec 13, 2012 08:10 PM

Very cool Chuck! I'll be watching to see your vids.

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