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#1 RCCrashTestDummy Dec 09, 2012 04:52 PM

Walkera Master CP/Batts/Servos/Main Gears All NIB
Hi Guys,

I'm putting this up for sale because I feel I'm in a bit over my head with my understanding of how everything works and my pilot skill level. I'm not interested in parting these items out, because if I can't sell it all, I'll just set it to the side and pick it up when I feel I'm ready. So I want to have everything I'll need when ready.

Heres what I got:

1x Master CP Heli never flown still in original box. (I'm keeping the Devo 7 it came with for my Armattan 400 Quad) $130

3x Master CP Main Gear (NIB) $4.40ea + shipping

6x Master CP Servos (NIB) $6.37ea + shipping

6x Zippy Compact Batts (NIB) 1,000mah 3S 35C Discharge Rate $6.85ea + shipping

So the total is $222.52 and I probably have had to pay $30+ dollars in shipping, so let’s say $250 in all. I'm asking $180 + shipping to wherever you're at. I live in Ca. so it will be in your hands in less than a week if you're in the U.S. I'll take Paypal or cashier’s check, you pick the shipping method.

Take Care,


P.S. I forgot to mention that I already soldered-on the correct conector to the heli to match the Zippy Compact Batt's.

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