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#1 T. van Vuuren Dec 09, 2012 02:36 AM

110 Leo ?
This is a post I put in the F3a section but it might have been the "incorrect" place to do so.
I hope this forum will be the place to get some info please :-)

Hi all.
I have been out of pattern for a few years and cost have been keeping me from starting up as everything seems to be aimed at 2 meter electric planes at great cost, even in novice class!

I can get hold of a Leo 110 with OS .91 FX . I know the engine well, but do not know the plane.
Any thing I should look out for on the airframe or setup maybe?
Any strange "quircks" or vises?



#2 stuntflyr Dec 09, 2012 05:20 PM

Hi Theuns,

The F3A forum here is hidden and doesn't get as much action as the RCUniverse Pattern forum. You might visit there, too.

There are a couple 110 Leo's in SoCal that I'm close to, I'll give you my observations for what they're worth.

The gear is too short for a YS 110 suggested 15x10, it might be fine for the 91 though.

The resin used in the gear construction is made from something that often softens in sunlight making them unusable so if you opt for the fixed gear I might buy replacements.

The color scheme is really neat, I think. But...to keep the covering from coming off one needs to paint a line of clear urethane on the edge of every seam of covering and every trim piece. It will depart the aircraft before the first flight if you don't, piece by piece!

As I recall they have some hardware that is OK and some that one might like to replace. I hate all JS screws, for instance.

One has a YS 110 with fixed gear, and the other has a YS 140 and retracts. Neither of these has flown, though!

I did see a man in Punta Gorda, Florida flying one successfully and it seemed to be a pretty good flying model. As I recall it had a two stroke but I cannot remember what it was. I imagine when built straight it should do well enough in the Sportsman, Intermediate categories.

Hope this helps


#3 T. van Vuuren Dec 10, 2012 01:07 AM

Thanx Chris, it does.
I will make new Glass undercart for it, and check the stuff you mentioned :-)
In the meantime a looked at some you yube vids and from what I can see they seem to fly OK.

It is atleast a start into pattern again without going overboard with the equipement!


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