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#1 donho1 Dec 07, 2012 06:03 PM

Husky Electric Airplane
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I have a Husky RC Airplane with flaps it is RTF with your battery and rx that I would like to trade for a large electric boat or maybe a Heli..no micros...I have too many planes and would like to try something else .
Let me know what you have if interested .

#2 jackcutrone Dec 08, 2012 07:48 AM

Would you be interested in a Blade 400? Would want to know more about the specs on your plane.

#3 donho1 Dec 08, 2012 08:49 AM


Originally Posted by jackcutrone (Post 23473189)
Would you be interested in a Blade 400? Would want to know more about the specs on your plane.

Any pictures of the blade 400 and what comes with it...also what do you want to know about the husky...it has a 39 1/2 in wing span..Flaps.. a brushless inrunner motor with motor cooler. Would have to take it apart to check to see what ESC it has..Great little plane to carry around and get in a little flying when you get a chance.

#4 jackcutrone Dec 08, 2012 09:26 AM

Blade 400
I have two Blade 400's, one which I fly and one which someone gave me when he moved up to an Align 600. His had crashed and he had not repaired it but opted to move up to the 600. I replaced all the parts damaged in the crash with new parts with the idea of selling it, but I am interested in getting a plane so your ad caught my eye.. It is entirely stock Eflite as far as motor, ESC, receiver, gyros and servos. He tells me that he had not put a lot of flight time on it before the crash and opted for the 600 with its three-axis gyro providing stability. The canopy looks new and everything is in good working order though I have not flown it since the rebuild. I will also throw in some spare parts as I have a lot of duplicates in my parts inventory. If you are interested I will do some hop-ups to make sure it flies okay.. I will also send you some pics if you email me at johncutrone@msn.com from your email account as I am not sure about how to post pics in a reply to a thread.

#5 jackcutrone Dec 08, 2012 09:27 AM

Oh. Forgot to ask, what brand or manufacturer is the plane? And don't worry about taking it apart to see what the ESC is.

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