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#1 ElementRB Dec 06, 2012 06:17 PM

MWC Issues with HK MW 328p

I have an issue that is strange...:

Hobby King MWC 328p Pro
Crius BT
I2C with GPS
Turnigy 20amp Hexfet ESCs
NTM Propdrive 1100kv
props 9*4.5
Running MW 2.1

All appears correct on MWConfig via bt on the android. The copter throttles up, it pitches and rolls correct. But once it has enough throttle to generate lift it tries to yaw to the right. left and right yaw dont seem to work right, they are more or less rolling the quad... causing it to fly away lol.

I am experienced enough to bring it down safely... but it is not controllable yaw wise. If i try to yaw it back from the way its trying to fly it takes off harder (rolling)...

Any help would be great.

We have this exact same settings on another quad that does not display the same behaviour.

Vid of behaviour -
XQuad MWC Yaw Problems (0 min 43 sec)

#2 ElementRB Dec 09, 2012 05:08 PM

All sorted... long story cut short, ESC's are to blame.

Long version:
Swapped out motors and mixed them all up... issue the same
Swapped out with old analogue board... issue the same
Swapped front right esc and read right esc.... issue not so bad..

Ordered new ESC's from RCTimer - SimonK Flashed 30a.


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