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#1 T. van Vuuren Dec 05, 2012 11:26 AM

Leo 110?
Hi all.
I have been out of pattern for a few years and cost have been keeping me from starting up as everything seems to be aimed at 2 meter electric planes at great cost, even in novice class!

I can get hold of a Leo 110 with OS .91 FX . I know the engine well, but do not know the plane.
Any thing I should look out for on the airframe or setup maybe?
Any strange "quircks" or vises?



<EDIT> post moved to aerobatic forum, might be the more apropriate place :-)

#2 A10pilot Dec 20, 2012 09:29 PM


I had one of the Leo 110's about 5 years ago. I had a YS 91 in it and I thought it flew very well. It was a little heavy but I liked the way it flew. It is not a 2 meter plane and does not fly as well as one but it is a good deal for the money and flies well. I would check all of the glue joints in the fuse (especially the firewall) and reglue as necessary.


#3 bossee Dec 21, 2012 02:47 AM


And don't forget all the great 50-110 class electric pattern planes that fly very good these days. In 50 class You have for example Sebart Wind S 50E and in 110 class Sebart Wind S 110E just to name a few. The lastest (not full 2 x 2 M F3A plane) from Sebart is MythoS 125E that is probably as close You can get on a lower budget to a full 2 x 2M plane that flies basically as a 2 x 2 M plane. I have myself a Sebart Wind S 50E and have just ordered a MythosS 125E. You can find reviews on all 3 planes here at rcgroups and at rcuniverse. All 3 can fly the current F3A manoeuvres, the larger MythoS 125E would probably even be a good choice for competition level even up in Masters class (Chip Hyde helped a person test/trim a MythoS 125E and Chip had positive comments on the flying characteristics).

It is more expensive initially to get an electric plane up in the air but the maintenance is basically none later so You will get much flying time.

If You are after a second hand pattern plane I suppose You should look in classified section here at rcgroups and at rcuniverse to start with, or at ebay.

But Leo 110 seem to be a nice plane although a little old design by today standards I suppose.


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