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#1 Jack Crossfire Dec 05, 2012 06:07 AM

the pi flies it
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After some major rework & a new round of bugs, the pi flies it.

So far, the pi only goes to 900Mhz with active cooling, before it starts crashing. Forget about mounting a heatsink on it. It's a double stacker.

At 1Ghz, reducing the video resolution to 320x240, the complete flight load fits neatly before it crashes. At 900Mhz, it uses 95%. It consumes 1A with the full software, servos, & cameras going. Below 900Mhz, the framerate drops & the flight becomes subjectively less stable. It actually crashed a few times at 700Mhz without active cooling.

Using an LM317 to provide the 5V 1A has proven the most reliable.

Certain uses of memcpy to shift a buffer by 1 byte don't work on the pi. You need for loops.

The mane task was completely removing the flight software from the GUI & making the entire user interface connect through the network. It still has a long way to go, before becoming a self contained flying box.

Amazing for all its hardware multimedia for set top boxes, it can barely do machine vision. According to the goog, this is the 1st time anyone has ever done anything that couldn't be done without overclocking it.

#2 Tombo25 Dec 05, 2012 01:40 PM

Watching this with great intrest, as I have a PI.

Why not use htop? I find it much easier to watch whats running AND you can increase the priority of a process...


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