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#1 FlyingTurk Dec 03, 2012 02:15 PM

Not quite as described
Thats just about the only way i can describe what was delivered.
Im very happy to report that the shipping was superb.
Once it was actually out of the GLS offices. I was given a shipping number that suddenly changed when i called to chase delivery. ;) All in all under a two weeks from order to handover. I do have to say here that i have always found that sellers from china most helpfull once you get them to understand your issue. Something im trying to do as i write, this is severely hampered by the time differance.

Unfortunately what was delivered is the issue.
If i could work out how to upload pics from my ipad i would but for now believe me its not quite ready to fly.
The arms are not fully attached.
The GPS is still in its bag, and with the wrong plug on.
The FPV is still in its box and no clue as to how to power it.
The camera gimbal is in bits, again guess how it goes together.
The UBEC is not fitted with no plug on one end.
The motors are not fitted.
There are two servos missing! (for the gimbal)

Essentially itsa kit.

I dont know about you, but when i read this item 281004159114 on ebay, i kinda expected to get someting i could get into the air without too many questions.

If there is anyone reading this thinking, yea so thats easy you just gotta plug that in there and the other in there. I would really appreciate you telling me. With pictures. :)
Its not like i dont like a challenge, i do. After all i taught myself how to do CNC and got my machine from china with just as many questions left to research.
I can now happily cut anything you can draw. :) but thats not the point.
I am trying to change my life and move on. Yes i am taking my machine to cyprus. Its only little, so not much in shipping, and i would rather it be there getting used then here gathering dust.

I switched on my tx yesterday and was greeted by "switch error" :(
After reading every word in the manual i turned to google, something im going to do much sooner next time. :)
"switch error" means that upon switch on one or more of your tx switches are not in the correct startup position. i.e. all back or up!
This is a saftey feature ensuring your tx starts up the same every time.
An excellent feature with no word about it in any of the literature. Funny huh?

The quad is fitted with male deans connectors and every supplier of batteries only supply xt60 or something like that. Yellow with round pins.
I ebayed a convertor plug rather than changing all the plug leads.
I have three 2200 mha and one 4000mha all 3s, i hope to get long flight times.

I put the numbers i know, or guessed lol, into a calc http://www.ecalc.ch/xcoptercalc_e.htm?ecalc
But it keeps on telling me that i have insufficient power to hover.
Lets see once i get it up and flying. :)

Thanks for reading and i hope to update again soon. :)

#2 HaventFlownSince2014 Dec 03, 2012 03:19 PM

I would say the seller definitely misrepresented the item. Its ARF, but far from RTF

#3 FlyingTurk Dec 03, 2012 05:54 PM

My thoughts exactly.
But there you go.
Im trying to get them to understand my issue at the mo.
But like i say, time diff is long. They wont be online till 1.30am.

Thanks for reading.
Hope your skys are clear. :)

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