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#1 Mgblunt Dec 03, 2012 01:54 PM

DLE 20cc ignition
Just bought a DLE 20cc for my frofile SBach and I am wondering if it is a must to use foam under the ignition box and how do you install the plug wire on the spark plug it has a spring and the cap seems like it has a nylon center in it and it doesn't seen to snap on in any way also has anyone had any experiance with this engine (maybe some tips)this is my first gasser?

#2 earlwb Dec 03, 2012 03:03 PM

I normally just use some velcro and stick it to something along with a length of velcro serving as a strap to hold it in place during those more wild aerobatic manuevers. Usually you do not want to wrap it up in foam as the parts inside could overheat and fail. So leaving it open works.

Some of the caps tend to twist lock in place. You give them a twist to snap them in and lock them on after pushing them on.

#3 ahicks Dec 03, 2012 07:07 PM

Think of the ign. module as a big block of epoxy when mounting it. That spring clip gets a little easier with use, but the boot will never go on/come off easily. Like Earl is saying, there's a little technique involved? That metal boot is what's supplying the ground path for the ignition. It NEEDS to be pretty snug to prevent weirdness? Installed properly you should not be able to see the hex shaped portion of the plug.

If it's just too much for you, somebody came up with the idea of using a mini hose clamp in place of that clip? Loosen clamp to remove boot, tighten when reinstalling.

Gas profiles are a complete blast. After 2 seasons of thrashing, 3 big crashes, my OMP Fusion has been retired. Mojo 65 on it's way....


#4 Mgblunt Dec 04, 2012 12:39 PM

Thanks Al I can't wait to get this thing in the air this is my first gasser so I'm not sure what to expect as far as power goes but by the videos that I have seen they are pretty reliable and reactive if you have any tips feel free to help me out.

#5 ahicks Dec 04, 2012 04:15 PM

17x6 prop works great. I like the APC because I fly off grass.

Not sure what you're used to regarding control throws, but low rates on the test flights would be less than 50% for me. Way easier to add after the fact than trying to land a tiger while hanging onto it's tail?

Speed is a big deal with these big control surfaces. They're not hard to blow them off! No more than half throttle on the level until you get to know it? Enough power not an issue. It'll be more about managing it. -Al

#6 Mgblunt Dec 05, 2012 07:14 AM

@ Al they supplied me with a 16X8 wood prop when I bought the plane so I guess I'll try that first, I have the high rates set at 100% and the low at 50%, do I need to have an on board fuel filter or am I good using a filter on my fill system? What do you think about expo ,that might be plane specific but I was thinking 45%?

#7 ahicks Dec 05, 2012 07:53 AM

The engine won't mind that prop at all. Whoever sold it to you for use on a profile probably not familiar or just not thinking? If you're flying off grass, it's not likely to last long anyway. Pay close attention to you're air speed meanwhile? Try to resist the temptation to open it up unless it's pointed straight up!

I wouldn't worry about a filter. There's a crap trap in the carb that'll catch anything. Not hard to get to. It's under the plate that's held on by a single screw. If you want to check that out, have some pre mix handy and get what you can into the carb. Will make that first start MUCH easier. The carb's check valves don't work well when dry, so the carb is a PIA to get primed that first time. The time spent getting a few drops of fuel in it well worth it unless you have a starter that'll spin it.

More important is the fuel system MUST be tight. Fuel line barbs on ALL fittings is generally required. Having those installed will save many a headache later on as the fuel lines loose their initial tension. 1/8" ferrule used in compression fittings work great, cheap, and easy to come by.

45% on low fine, could maybe be a little lower, but you may want to go 60-70% on high?

#8 Mgblunt Dec 05, 2012 11:44 AM

Great info Al I was wondering about the fuel tubes in the tank that was provided they are just straight tubes with no barbs I will check with my local Hobby shop to see if they have anything better also it seems like the fuel line is a little stiff to lay on the bottom of the tank so I might just look into a different setup. May I ask why a wooden prop on grass won't hold up?

#9 ahicks Dec 05, 2012 02:43 PM

Ever see a wood prop with grass stains on it?

It's not that I haven't tried them, but I've never had one last a season. That's generally not been an issue with the APC's...

Yes I can fly, but have a habit of dropping the planes in pretty hard on a blown harrier or tail wheel first approach's on occasion....tuff on props. You'll see...

#10 Mgblunt Dec 05, 2012 03:37 PM

Thank you for all your help Al you've been kind and I appreciate it, hope to see you on here more this is a great place for good information

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