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#1 northernmike Dec 01, 2012 08:42 AM

Sailmaking with Icarex - help?
Hi folks.

I recently came into a small amount of Icarex and am interested in making some suits for my micro magic fleet.

How do I glue this stuff to itself?


- Mike

#2 martin richards Dec 01, 2012 10:35 AM

Double sided sticky tape; the sort with no backing material. It comes in rolls with waxed paper separation. If its too wide lay the sticky part on a clean glass sheet and cut into strips of the desired width. My local Chinese store has usually got it and no sewing seems to be required.

#3 northernmike Dec 02, 2012 08:20 AM

Martin thanks!

Which one is the best?

My local art supply has "acid free", and others - some about $4, some more like $13 per roll.

Mostly 3M products.

Here in Toronto I should be able to find whatever you can recommend - any favourites?

#4 martin richards Dec 02, 2012 10:00 AM

Mine is unbranded Chinese stuff. Dirt cheap. But it stands up to the weather well with no signs of it unsticking. My sales are polyester, though. I think Icarex is polycarbonate on one side at least, but it should stick just as well.

#5 foxwyck Dec 02, 2012 11:45 AM

Sail panel tape
If you can't find it locally

1/4" x 60 yds. Super-Stick Seamstick tape for Sail Panels
Item # 364 $4.75

In Canada maybe www.leadingedgehobbies.com in Kingston might have it.

#6 northernmike Dec 02, 2012 01:10 PM

Has anyone tried 3M #665 ? Got a roll today, looks promising.

#7 mrpenguin Dec 02, 2012 03:55 PM

I use tape from Radio Yacht Supplies Australia - they ship globally I think
I bought:
Double sided self adhesive tape 6mm (sail seams) $7.90 AUD
Double sided self adhesive tape 9mm (sail seams) $11.85 AUD
Look under the sailmaking section

#8 northernmike Dec 05, 2012 05:23 PM

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First efforts. How can I remove the wrinkles? (the sails were cut flat... just enough tension to smooth the material)

#9 mrpenguin Dec 05, 2012 09:26 PM


Originally Posted by northernmike (Post 23450951)
First efforts. How can I remove the wrinkles? (the sails were cut flat... just enough tension to smooth the material)

I removed wrinkles from spinaker material with a cool iron.

Practice on some scraps first. Be careful.... Maybe put a cloth over the top (tea towel or something) and iron through that ?

I am not sure exactly what Icarex is - if it is like mylar (rattly etc) this may not work and could be disastrous. If it is more like material (ripstop etc) then the cool iron should be ok.

Before you make more sails, iron the material first then make the sails....

#10 KoneWone Dec 06, 2012 09:06 AM


Originally Posted by mrpenguin (Post 23453051)
I removed wrinkles from spinaker material with a cool iron.

Confirmed "hot iron" does not work :( (she is still being whipped for that one) but for some reason ironing brown wrapping paper over sails does the trick with higher temperatures.

Experiment on scraps first please !!!

#11 martin richards Dec 06, 2012 10:05 AM

The Icarex P31 is polyester coated on one side with polycarbonate. There is a newer type, PC31, in the same weight coated on both sides with polycarbonate. It is supposed to be much more wrinckle resistant and tougher than Mylar. It is also apparently used as a covering material for RC gliders.

#12 northernmike Dec 06, 2012 03:53 PM

I was thinking a warm bath might loosen it up. Worth a try? Nope. Will have to track down an iron, I suppose.

#13 waboats Dec 06, 2012 07:45 PM

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The Brown Paper using a cool Iron is a long process..

What I found most useful is to weight each corner of the sail slightly (a few grams) then let hang for a few weeks.. I sometimes fix the Boom in place then hang them.

You can spray the sails with plain water but the material absorbs very little.

Avoid steaming or anything too hot..

Use those Orange Fleuro ones for a few weeks while you wait for the wrinkles to fall out.. :cool:

I've Lost Count how many sets I have hanging.. VAM, Steve A, Graphite, Bob Wing, RYSA, BG Sails, Housemartin, Graupner, amongst other sail makers.

#14 northernmike Dec 30, 2012 04:58 PM

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Second try.

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