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#1 utahwestie Nov 29, 2012 09:24 PM

HOR upgrade with HR products question
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Hello all,

Can anyone please help with some instructions for the steering stabliser from HR??

Also, the large bearings (top left corner of picture) dont fit inside the steering mount. Are they not suposed to press in?? can anybody help with the correct instilation of these?

Thanks for the help and advice.


#2 Lukey B Nov 29, 2012 10:16 PM

Check the thread here called Kyosho adjustable steering...

It's asking the same question, and could help you out...

#3 utahwestie Nov 29, 2012 11:33 PM

Ok cheers,
That does help.

Also, does anyone know where the large bearing a go?

Thanks again

#4 dunc2504 Nov 30, 2012 02:12 AM

The large bearings are meant to fit in the metal block , but I have heard that on some of the Hot Racing ones , they will not fit .
You could try grinding out the holes a little , or use a GMP block where the bearings do fit .
I had to machine my block on the lathe to get the bearings in .

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