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#1 SteveT. Nov 28, 2012 02:18 AM

Midwest Fantail Launch and steam engine..Price Lowered
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For sale....One Midwest Fantail launch and steam engine.

The main part of the hull is built, and one side glassed (the other side will need to be glassed) with basically just the trim pieces needed to be added to it. The right side of the hull has, as noted been glassed, and you will see there is a dark area, which is a piece of 1/64" plywood, that I had added to smooth out a ripple that I did not like in that area. It is now nice and smooth, and once the hull is painted this will never be seen. When I glassed the right side of the hull, I inserted a piece of balsa into both the stuffing tube, and the tiller tube so that no resin could get into either one, once the glassing is finished, these will need to be pushed out.
The steam engine is the called for engine, and was run once, just to see it run, and turns over just fine.

Both the boat and engine have been sitting in one of my storage cabinets for a few years, and as I am too much into planes (see "My hangar" at the bottom of this listing), and I know I will never finish this. I bought it for my son, but he is married now, and isn't interested in it.

The boat sells on Tower Hobbies for $78.99 as found here... and the engine sells on Tower for $89.99 as found here...

The two items cost adds up to $168.99.... I am asking $100.00 shipped anywhere in the conus, and the majority of the work has been done for you....a few easy evenings, and you will have a nice little steam boat to run.....

I think some of you might be looking at the "patch" and not wanting the boat due to it. Please rest assured there is nothing wrong with it, as noted there was a ripple that I didn't like, and I sanded it down and put the ply over it and blended it in. as noted it is smooth and will never be seen once it is primed and painted.

If interested.....POST HERE FIRST!! then PM me...This way if by chance there is more than one person interested in it, the first person to say he/she wants it gets it.

PayPal only please

Thanks for looking....


#2 SteveT. Dec 04, 2012 03:36 PM

Still for sale....:D


#3 G1ST Dec 05, 2012 09:23 PM

PM sent

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#5 SteveT. Dec 05, 2012 10:25 PM


Thank you Kingsflyer!!!


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