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#1 Bombay Nov 25, 2012 11:54 AM

Waterproof LED strips for your boat
Waterproof LED Strips
$5 per meter. Free shipping with $10 minimum.
The waterproof strips contain the same LEDs as regular led strips, but are encased in silicone. Due to the silicone covering, they are a little heavier and just a tiny bit dimmer. The strips are waterproof, but any new solder joints or connections must be treated/covered with silicone or some other waterproofing material to maintain the "waterproofness" of the circuit.

The waterproof LED strips can be cut and solder-joined to each other in any color combination.

-Superbright 3528 SMD LED
-Strip is approx 8mm wide
-Waterproof (encased in silicone)
-60 LEDs per meter
-White vinyl face
-Self-adhesive back
-Can be cut at every 3rd LED (approx 2")
-Input volts: DC 12V
-Current per meter: 400mA
-24 watts/5 meter
-Viewing Angle : 120
-Life Span: 50,000+ hours

For more info and other items available, see here.


BLUE Waterproof

GREEN Waterproof
http://static.rcgroups.net/forums/at...GreenWater.jpg (SOLD OUT)

RED Waterproof

WARM WHITE Waterproof

YELLOW Waterproof

#2 Bombay Jan 17, 2013 06:17 AM

Still for sale...for your boat. Waterproof led strips.
Check out my trader rating for added confidence.

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