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#1 Lozki Nov 24, 2012 09:24 AM

ok so i just bought a li-po 4000 2cell for my rc truck i charged it up ran it for a good while my cut off is set on my esc i didnt reach that point with todays rc run, now my Q" is can i just throw it back on the charger and charge it back up or run it some more and then charge it...??:confused:

#2 Jeremy Kamutzki Nov 24, 2012 06:58 PM

you can just throw it on the charger and charge it up, but you need to make sure the voltage per cell isn't below 3.7V. Check the individual voltage with a cell checker, if you don't have one you can buy one from hobbyking for less than $3. so, yes, you can charge it and yes, you can run it as long as the voltage is above 3.7V a cell or 7.4V for the whole battery. Hope this helped


#3 wparsons Nov 25, 2012 06:23 AM

Unlike nimh or nicad packs, lipos are actually happier to not be fully discharged before charging. A good rule of thumb is to never discharge beyond 20% of the capacity left.

#4 Lozki Nov 25, 2012 09:07 AM

thanks guys ya that help

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