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#1 Tom Gressman Nov 23, 2012 09:18 PM

Ion servos
I have been evaluating two ION servos using a Peak Electronics Servo Driver. I initially have been running a DS-158HT and A-175. The DS-158HT cycling in an unloaded state is drawing about 50 ma. The A-175 in the same test conditions is drawing about 110 ma. I ran each servo for 30 minutes and saw no increase in ma draw. Resolution on both servos were comparable to other servos that I have used in the past such as the Airtronics 809 and 761. Technical details and price can be found at skipmillermodels.com. Further evaluation will include installation and flight testing in a number of foamy slope ships to see how much abuse the ION servos will absorb. At this time it appears that the two ION servos I tested have an exceptional price /quality ratio.

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