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#1 WhalleyB0Y Nov 23, 2012 07:20 PM

whalleyb0y's Monster Funjet Ultra assembly
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Well this is it... I got all my parts together and I assembled my Funjet. We will see now if this recommended setp wlll in fact crush the opposition!

I started the assembly by sanding all the mold bumps and filling the dimples.

Attachment 5323944

I coated all the parts with Minwax to ensure a good surface for paint. After a fine sanding this also helped smooth out the panels. I picked up a light kit just for that extra touch that will set mine apart from the others. I used 5 min epoxy on the spar and with the wings but I used silicone adhesive for the turtle decks and the motor hub. I might have to get back in here at some point someday.

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Attachment 5324018

This is the desired paint scheme which will tie in well with my decal set.

Attachment 5323982

I didn't like the "50's space ship" retro look of the original canopy so I sanded in new canopy lines and used rattle can chrome on it.

Attachment 5323983

My opponents got some free stickers so they plastered "Rockstar energy drinks" all over their funjets. Out of spite, I am using a "Monster energy drinks" scheme with the choice of paint colours and decal set I picked up. Notice the spoon hood scoop over the esc and onto the back of the motor. This should provide optimal cooling.

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Attachment 5323993

For my setup I am using a BL15 3600kv inrunner with the E-flite Stryker 6x4 prop (older version) powered with a CC Ice lite 100A. I have balanced the plane for use with either 3s or 4s 3500mAh 30C lipo packs. I also balanced the prop to ensure smooth quiet operation. Well... as quiet as Funjet can get, lol. I will be posting the maiden soon.

#2 WhalleyB0Y Nov 23, 2012 07:29 PM

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For some reason the pics didnt load...

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#3 WhalleyB0Y Dec 05, 2012 09:09 PM

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I added a heatsink and a nice mounting plate that offers more cooling slots.

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The "spoon" scoop on top should pull a lot of air in over the esc to the back of the motor. I blew some air through it and felt excellent flow behind the prop.

#4 WhalleyB0Y Dec 09, 2012 12:16 PM

I finally had a chance to maiden my FJU with the suggested 3600kv motor and 6x4 prop. I started out with a 3s 3500mAh 30C lipo pack and did an easy overhand handtoss. It got airborne without any issues and once the trim was adjusted it flew quite well. I noticed how quiet it was on 3s when compared to the other FJU's at this field. While I had no way of measuring speed and I was at the field by myself I cannot say how fast I was going. A few seconds into a high speed pass and it was already getting to the edge of my sights. I brought it in for a landing after 5 mins and it slid along the frosted grass for about 40 ft coming to a stop on the sidewalk. The paint on the belly had rubbed off. The motor and mounting plate was both cool to the touch.
Now I put a 4s 3500 30C pack in and did another overhand toss. The plane was noticeably torque'n with the prop as it lifted up and flew away. Now it was louder and screamed like a banshee going past which seemes more familiar to me. It was also alot faster as expected but still not as loud as the other fJU's I had seen. It seems a quieter plane can create the illusion of also being slower. I didn't have the courage to hold on full throttle for very long so it must have been pretty fast.
My next trip out I would like to try smaller lipo packs, maybe 4s 2200's because the FJU felt heavy coming in for landings. I also was expecting this setup to be mind blowing fast but it seems to fall short in this aspect. Maybe because it was so quiet or maybe because the packs were large. After two back to back flights the motor was still very cool so at least the heat-sink and cnc motor plate with the heat paste was working well. The half spoon air intake over the back of the motor and esc was also doing its job well.
I got back home and got it plugged into the laptop to see what the CC logger had to say. The currents was within range and the rpm's were as expected. The temps never went higher than 60*C and the graphs showed how quickly it cooled down after a high speed pass. The packs did sag and there also seems to be a ripple even despite the cap pack I have in there. I will post the graphs next.

#5 WhalleyB0Y Dec 09, 2012 12:43 PM

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The FJU on 3s:

volts amps watts
Attachment 5361177

temps and rpm
Attachment 5361178

The FJU on 4s:

volts amps watts
Attachment 5361179

temps and rpm
Attachment 5361180

#6 WhalleyB0Y Dec 09, 2012 05:37 PM

I think I can push this motor a little harder. I will try it again but with the motor controller timing set to high.

#7 WhalleyB0Y Dec 16, 2012 06:00 PM

And I did! I got out with it today with the high timing set in the controller and it made a big difference. I was definitely going a lot faster today and I will have to upload the data and see what a difference it made with the numbers.

#8 WhalleyB0Y Dec 18, 2012 08:21 PM

I am going to try using this flight stabilizer if I can ever get this set up right.
Elevons mixing has the servos moving correctly but it seems the gyro is only operating one aileron or one elevator at a time.

#9 WhalleyB0Y Dec 18, 2012 08:22 PM

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#10 WhalleyB0Y Dec 18, 2012 09:33 PM


Originally Posted by WhalleyB0Y (Post 23564424)
I am going to try using this flight stabilizer if I can ever get this set up right.
Elevons mixing has the servos moving correctly but it seems the gyro is only operating one aileron or one elevator at a time.

Problem solved! Dx8 delta mixing has to be off.

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