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#1 peterlngh Nov 21, 2012 06:21 PM

What's your winter project?
I have two at the top of my wishlist. I'm looking at a 2.6 meter DG1000 for my heavy aerobatic glider and either an Avia, Astra, or Pegasus from Topmodel for a floater. I'm going to go for an uncovered version so I have a little work to keep me busy and because I want a custom color scheme. The Specter 1800 is still a very enjoyable general purpose sailplane but it's just a bit heavy for a "pure floater" and just isn't as pretty as a scale bird on those low stunts and flybys.

What's on your wish list?

#2 peterlngh Nov 21, 2012 06:46 PM

Oops! Here's a link for the DG 1000 I'm lusting for. I figure I will have plenty of nasty weather, here in Minnesota, to deal with converting it to electric power and addressing any Chinese QC issues I run into. My other dream gliders can be seen at EspritModels.


#3 Leadchucker Nov 21, 2012 06:48 PM

Working on a Sunracer electric pylon job right now. 4 metre full house Pulsar for next season is in the works a soon as it's back in stock. That's it for me this winter.

#4 peterlngh Nov 21, 2012 07:12 PM

Have you asked Wayne at Aloft Hobbies if he can get your Pulsar before Esprit? It might be worth an email.

#5 Piper J3 Nov 22, 2012 03:18 AM

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I'm rebuilding my Pulsar 3.2REF.

Had a little flying mishap.


#6 Esprit Model Nov 22, 2012 05:41 AM


Originally Posted by Piper J3 (Post 23332755)
I'm rebuilding my Pulsar 3.2REF.

Had a little flying mishap.


Wow, this is one of those moments when you want punch yourself.
Been there, hit the invisible stump on landing. Sorry.

Zb/Esprit Model

#7 Piper J3 Nov 22, 2012 08:22 AM

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Originally Posted by Esprit Model (Post 23333146)
Wow, this is one of those moments when you want punch yourself.
Been there, hit the invisible stump on landing. Sorry.

Zb/Esprit Model

The Rx decided to do its own thing from 1200'. Unfortunately it decided on full throttle and a vertical descent. Happened at the beginning of flying season this year and zero problems since. Offending Rx got smashed with hammer.


#8 Bob Cook Nov 22, 2012 09:17 AM

Hi Guys,

I'm going to put together a Poly Pulsar 2E with a "Normal" tail. I wanted a 2M Pulsar for a while now. I just had to wait for the "normal" tail version to come out. It finally happened.

Bob in Seattle

#9 studioRS Nov 22, 2012 10:02 PM


Winters are long and cold up here in Northern Vermont, so I've got to have several projects in my shop keeping me über busy...

- Finish up a ST Models DG-1000 with modified motor and fresh fibrecloth +CA, paint, kewl scale stickers. Just needs covering, CA, paint.

- 1:10 scale, 1,6m ASK-13 scratch build. Fuselage and left wing are done, just need to build right wing and cover, install my new Graupner mx-16 gear.

- HK ASK-21Mi 2m converted to front motor with fibrecloth +CA, paint, scale stickers. Fixing up for a friend. Needs rudder covered and paint.

- 1:8 scale, 2m ASK-13 scratch build with klapptriebwerk SLS extracted from above ASK-21 Mi. This will be a fun, retro old school meets new school. I have the short kit laser cut already with updated jig attached, just waiting for the work bench to be cleared on the 1,6m ASK-13

- Top Model.cz Parada 2m electric, such a nice sailplane kit. OMG... what a find, NOS from Sal at NESail.com and a rocking great price :-) . This will give my Radian a run for the money in thermals and ridge soaring. It is such a well built R/E sailplane and can penetrate head winds like no tomorrow with the fiberglass fuselage and really, really nice wing.

- e-flight UMX ASK-21 conversion to ASK-21Mi with powered klapptriebwerk SLS. Just bought all the spare parts and have these, trick little sailplane.

- UMX Mossie, detail, weather and fly.

- FMS Stuka Ju 87 build, detailing with German Kavan threaded 3" wheels, weathering, upgraded ESC, UBEC. Need to buy 3S, 4S batteries for this.

- Start building a 1:3.5 scale Topaze by Chris Williams.

- Finish reading my 180 page Graupner mx-16 owner's manual, start programming my new telemetry, vario module with audio sounds and voice.

- Lastly, start on my 4m ASK-13 short kit!

That should wear the elves out, they'll need to refill with more maple syrup soon. Cheers, Thompson

#10 MrE Nov 22, 2012 10:51 PM

Im trying to finish an e-Bubble Dancer I started last winter!

#11 peterlngh Nov 23, 2012 03:22 PM

That's quite a load of projects, Thompson . I'm afraid that I don't any longer enjoy building enough to tackle that much.

#12 studioRS Nov 23, 2012 04:47 PM

I know it does seem like a lot listed out. The HK ASK-21Mi conversion is going away back to the friend and I might keep the Top Model Parada for a next winter, next year build.

#13 HoosierGuy Nov 23, 2012 09:01 PM

No real big plans. Since I have LEDS on my Phoenix Evolution I know want to put a speaker on it and play spooky UFO sounds. Found some small speakers on amazon.com for around $20 and I figure I can find a cheap MP3 player for around $20 too. So shouldn't have a problem getting it to work.

#14 aeajr Nov 24, 2012 10:44 PM

Getting the fleet back into flying condition. I work my gliders hard and they sometimes take a beating so now is the time to get them into tip top shape. Not all are electrics.

Radian - fix fuse from a crash
Sky Runner - fix nose area from misshap on ground
3.4 meter Graphite - New receiver battery and switch
Supra pro comp - some better repairs to wing tips. Plane ended in trees twice this season
Easy Glider electric - getting a new motor
Zagi slope wing - new elevons and maybe switch over to 2.4 GHz
Sagitta full house - get it into the air
Supra e fuselage - just got this - get it flying

Bunch of stuff!

#15 peterlngh Nov 24, 2012 11:23 PM

How did I forget my Sagitta?

I still have my old rudder/elevator Sagitta 600. She flies beautifully but I would need to add some form of glide path control for my relatively short field. And that's assuming I want to bother with even a short Hi-start. I figure I have two choices.

1. Graft a nose contoured for a motor on the perfectly sound airframe. She weighed 32 ounces with a 450mah Ni-cad and some lead in the nose and I often used some ballast. Simply using a windmilling prop as a brake would would take care of the glide path.

2. Turn the old girl into cash.

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