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#1 rcbobcat55 Nov 17, 2012 07:09 PM

E-Flite ASK-21 ultra micro sailplane
Hello from RCbobcat55@yahoo.com Has anyone purchased and flown one of the new ASK-21 micro sailplanes yet? I just purchased one and have looked it over but haven't flown it yet. My dad owned one of these before he passed away about 3 years ago and I had the privelege of flying in it with him and he even let me fly it a bit from the front seat and it was really impressive.. The only comment I have is that the battery pack seems a bit small for a sailplane-25 minutes of flight time seems a bit short but otherwise it looks like an excellent model. i like the options of a fixed tow hook for hi start and a releasable hook for aerotowing. I would like to start a blog or discussion group here for owners of this model. One thing I am going to try is using a turnigy 750 mah single cell lipo to get the flying time up. The place where I fly my smaller sailplanes is extremely active for thermals and 10 to 15 minute flights on my Blaster are common so I think the ASK will do well. Anyways, anyone interested in starting a discussion group can join me here or at RCbobcat55. Thanks for reading this Bob M...

#2 stephen Damon Nov 17, 2012 09:29 PM

Good luck on thermaling, Look under sailplane forum as there is a site started

#3 PeteSchug Nov 17, 2012 09:33 PM

I flew my this evening at dusk. Did a couple of test glides as I laid out the high-start. After some minor trimming I did a launch at about half tension. This because I didn't have enough room to stretch the line any further.

I reset the stake and had enough time for a couple more launches before winding up my high-start in semi-darkness.

Though my air time was short the glider flew nicely and I'm quite satisfied. This is the wrong time of year to expect thermals in New York State but if I get a chance I will give it another try tomorrow.

I have a Carbon Cub, but only one Tx with me so aerotow is out for now. I am flying with a DX8 but have a DX-6i at home (visiting a flying buddy this weekend) so with luck I might get to try aerotow over Thanksgiving or so. Alas, (for me) my flying buddy is going to Cancun for a couple of weeks so aerotow might be delayed for a while.

The high-start line introduced a lot of twist in the rubber so I may make a monofilament based high-start. If I fly in near dark conditions again I will place the stake in the middle of a piece of 8.5 by 11 paper.

I will also use longer streamers on the high-start. I have some very light aluminized Mylar and will make some 1/8th strips to add to the glider end of the line.

If you don't activate the AX3S you can probably fly way longer than 25 minutes. Once you touch the throttle the gyros activate and you can hear the servos dithering away energy.

It may be wiser to leave it active though because it probably reacts quicker on high-start than most pilots so the launch phase is probably a bit safer with it on.


#4 PeteSchug Nov 18, 2012 02:45 PM

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Here's an idea.

I made a much better reel to wind up the tow line on.

I already posted this on Micro RTF but not everybody reads that forum so it's worth showing here too.

My reel is made from the tops (not the lids) of a couple of Chinese soup containers trimmed off and taped together.


#5 PeteSchug Nov 18, 2012 03:57 PM

Just did three more high-starts along with flying buddy and master chef J Kokiadis.

First was directly into a tree. The high-start launches almost straight up and even though it LOOKED like we would clear the tree nicely, the glider hit with minor damage to everything but my ego.

Second launch was successful and we got a nice glide out of it.

I offered J.K. (WRAM members will know who this is) the next flight, but he declined. Got a very nice third flight but of course not a hint of lift in the late fall air this evening.

We're looking forward to aerotow with my Carbon Cub. I'll bring my extra Tx for Thanksgiving in the hope of a shot even though cooking is the order of the day.


#6 rmmoorejr Nov 18, 2012 06:12 PM

I flew mine off the high start for about an hour today. No lily around but had a good time making a few circles. I did try a lunch with out the AX3S engaged. Was not a pretty sight. Almost out of control till some of the tension came off the line. If you dot have really fast fingers I would not try it. I am well pleased overall and look forward to towing it up.

#7 PeteSchug Nov 18, 2012 07:19 PM

I have a few minor creases in the wings, especially at the inner side of the ailerons from a couple of too vigorous launches. I will start counting paces to keep from winding up with a really tired looking wing.

Even with the larger reel the high-start rubber gets twisted. Next time I'm in a fishing store I will get some monofilament to replace the line that comes with the glider. I am also going to put a few foot long pieces of wool yarn in bright colors to make the H.S. easier to find.

An electric reel might be a fun project!


#8 rcbobcat55 Nov 18, 2012 09:22 PM

Hello from RCbobcat55 I hope to maiden my ASK 21 this week sometime. I think the problem with the rubber twisting might be addressed by using a fishing swivel between the rubber and the tow line. Also, a small streamer is a great idea-it not only helps release the line from the glider but also makes it easier to locate the line when it comes down. I like the idea of the wind up spool-really creative use for a couple of container tops. Also, being the basic mental case I am I was also thinking of a micro winch for this and other small models I fly. Maybe an outrunner on a small gel cell with some sort of belt reduction such as a toothed micro belt and pulleys and a cheapie foot switch- now you really know I have a few led's which are only lit on one side. Let all of us know how the test flights are going. Also, I have one last question. I have a DX7 dsm2 trnansmitter and assume the 3X gyro feature is disabled or inaccessabe with this transmitter. Does anyone know? Also, i wonder if the aileron servos can be re-arranged to give flapperons. I may give that a try but I want to fly it first. Keep in touch RCbobcat55 aka Bob Markle SR.

#9 stephen Damon Nov 18, 2012 09:50 PM

It works with a 5dsm

#10 PeteSchug Nov 18, 2012 11:49 PM

If you really don't want AS3X then leave the throttle all the way down. AS3X is invoked by advancing the throttle. Once on it can only be shut off by disconnecting the batt. and starting again.

Word is that it can be VERY squirrelly on high-start without AS3X so I'd say use it and save trying non-As3X only on the slope or (maybe) aerotow.

I want to make an electric reel using a micro Heli motor and gears. Considering how fast Heli rotors spin I might have to throttle it!

Winch is probably too much of a pain in the butt since my club field is kind of busy and winch lines are basically invisible and can tangle planes and feet. The high-start is less of a problem since I can stake it so very little lands on the mowed part of the field. I don't think I could run a winch in the high grass.

Instead of a foot switch how about a second Rx for the winch with, say the flap channel to reel in? The ailerons are barn doors so would not make good flaperons and might cause tip stalling. Maybe could be used as spoilerons but why bother. The thing comes down fast enough anyway.


#11 xroadie Nov 26, 2012 06:21 PM

I flew mine for about an hour on Sunday. It test glided perfect on the first throw and launched pretty good on the little hi-start. On two flights I managed to thermal a little bit, I gained altitude, but was afraid to run down wind too far as there were trees behind me. If I had been in a better spot I think it would have specked out.....of course as small as it is, specking out would be about only 200 feet :)

Yes a bigger real will be used on the next session as it took about 10 minutes to wind it back on the tiny spool that it comes with!!!

#12 rcbobcat55 Nov 26, 2012 09:48 PM

Hello from RCbobcat-here is an update on my ASK21. I test flew it today for about 2 hours (2 battery charges) I hand tossed it to trim it out and noticed the right aileron servo was intermittent, so I flew it a little on the hillside at our flyine site and all seemed well. I unplugged it a few times and it seemed to be working fine (Seemed!) I then hi started it and caught a small ground thermal and got about 100 or so feet high. I don't like the gyro function so I disabled it. On the third launch the right servo went on vacation and it spiraled in while still hooked up to the hi start-not a very pretty site. It could be repaired but I decided to contact Horizon about it-the servo definitely is trash and I probably shouldn"t have tried to fly it. The tech at Horizon asked me to send him some pics of the damage and it looks like they may replace the model- we will see. I would be happy just to get a new fuselage and replacement servo. My opinion is that it flies very well just take it easy on the controls and the tow hook seems to be a tad too far back. I will have to experiment. Keep me posted on your experiences Bob M... PS it flies well on a small slope..

#13 rcbobcat55 Nov 27, 2012 06:21 PM

Hello again from RCbobcat55 I talked to the tech at horizon today and they are sending me a new ASK21 to replace the wrecked one. I must say that I am very pleased with their warranty sevice. I own quite a few of their UM models and 5 of their helicopters and they are all excellent quality and flying models. Anyways, I did a post mortem on the servo which was intemittent and found a bad tooth on the main gear but it only hangs up with a certian pinion tooth- hence the intermittent operation-if the two teeth didn't lign up then the servo functioned properly. I removed it and it will be dealt with accordingly i.e. roundcanned. As soon as my receipt gets to them a new one will be on its" way. So has anyone else had anything to add yet? Keep us posted. Bob M...

#14 PeteSchug Nov 28, 2012 02:39 PM

Up in VT enjoying a post Thanksgiving stay with friends.

Gave up on plans to fly my ASK-21 when my quad was only able to fly five minutes due to the cold.

Saw some nice fields but!


#15 xroadie Dec 04, 2012 09:33 AM

We towed on Sunday evening. It is very easy to do. We flew off of a parking lot, with almost no wind.....at Sunset...so no thermals around, but it did make for some pretty smooth tows. I talked a friend of mine into flying the ASK while I flew the Carbon Cub. He had never aerotowed before and had no trouble with it. This is a great way to indoctrinate people into aerotowing without risking $2000 models.

This was shot with a GoPro so they get small very quick!.
AEROTOW at the ST. LOUIS MUNY (3 min 12 sec)

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