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        Sold RCEXL Mini Tachometer with Y-cable

#1 Green Fuel Boy Nov 16, 2012 12:56 PM

RCEXL Mini Tachometer with Y-cable
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This sale is for a New RCEXL Mini Tachometer and Y-cable. $15 dollars each. Or two for $27.50. Free Shipping CON USA USPS padded envelope or box $3.50 to Canada Paid with paypal


1.Use PIC16F628a microcontrollers
2.Do not need batteries, Power from the ignition
3.Standard FUTABA plug (Black-Negative Red-Positive and White-Signal
4.Using high-brightness LED digital tube
5. Input voltage range:3.5v-8.4v
6. Current consumption 25mA-60mA
7. Mini tachometer indicates up to 30000 rpm
8. Actual RPM=Display Digital*10
9. Body size:41mmLX17mmWx12mmH
10. Window size:30mmLx15mmH
11. Weight:8.5g(0.30z)
That connecting plugs do Reinforcement. To prevent vibration.

Yes this will work with the RCEXL, DLE, Saito ignition and many others.

Thank you

#2 Green Fuel Boy Nov 16, 2012 08:51 PM

RCEXL Mini Tachometer
Hi Jeff,

I just do not wait once I have payment I ship the next morning after my son gets on the school bus and at the latest by 12:30pm that way it is to you faster. I can ship another RCEXL Mini Tachometer to you for $15 free shipping USPS padded envelope. Or $27.50 for two

I am selling heavy duty CNC Miracle single switches with fuel dot for $24 each and Miracle double switches with fuel dot in black for $26 each with no extra shipping. If you are interested just let me know.

Please send $15 for 1 RCEXL Tachometer to Paypal email: gsm1021@gmail.com

Thank you
Greg Meyers

#3 jlewis99 Nov 20, 2012 09:47 AM

Money sent! Thanks!

#4 Green Fuel Boy Nov 20, 2012 11:44 AM

I have 6 more

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