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#1 Jack Crossfire Nov 15, 2012 03:45 AM

The Return of webcams
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This return to webcams brings back nostalgia for the 1st webcam, the one which proved vision based flying was possible. The 1st webcam arrived in June 2011, after a run to Office Depot, a spontaneous purchasing decision & a freak sale that lowered it to $40. It now costs $54.

M.M. was not only still around back then, but had 1 month of residency left in this area, all to be spent with the 1 man She loved more than everything. Creative output was a lot higher, back then.

One must look at where one lives & decide if making an irrational move isn't justified by an increase in productivity. There's no economic force keeping a move from happening. A move to Simi Valley would increase productivity to where it was in 2011, no matter how irrational it was.

Anyways, unlike 2011, the webcams are now used exclusively in IR mode. Fortunately, they haven't miniaturized webcams to the point of being impossible to convert to IR. It's inevitably going to happen, since the number of microscopic phone cams outnumbers the number of webcams.

#2 dedStik Nov 16, 2012 10:44 AM

Exactly how would an IR webcam benefit rc? I was under the impression IR transmission or any signal in direct sunlight is spotty at best. Ever try flying one of those IR helis from shade into sunlight?

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